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Posted By: John in Brisbane
15-May-02 - 09:19 PM
Thread Name: Help: DT Songs in ABC Format on the Web?
Subject: RE: Help: DT Songs in ABC Format on the Web?
Thanks MMario, I'd spent ages trying to find this.

Mick, I have a project in planning to convert the DT to PDF's, or some other high quality graphics. I'm guessing but if there are 5,000 songs in the DT that have both lyrics and tune, that would require a storage overhead of only 100 Megs. Not so huge these days!

I've re-checked the ABC files that MMario found and now realise that they don't contain aligned lyrics. On the other hand the draft DT on CD has aligned lyrics but completely omits lyrics beyond the first verse and chorus. I'd be keen to hear from you re your ABC database, because that's by far the hardest part from my perspective. The conversion to PDF is then comparitively straight forward.

If anyone else is interested in this topic please let me know. In simple terms I'm using the C compiled version of abcm2ps and GhostView in Windows. I've started writing a Mudcat primer so that more PC users could do their own thing.

Regards, John

PS I'll be interstate until Tuesday and may not get to my email in the interim.