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Posted By: GUEST,MCP
16-May-02 - 05:13 AM
Thread Name: Help: DT Songs in ABC Format on the Web?
Subject: RE: Help: DT Songs in ABC Format on the Web?
John - I've actually converted all the files both to abc and midi (just under 4000 in the version I've got). The conversion is relatively quick 1-1.5 hours Songwright->abc->midi (my abc conversion is done via Access and is the slow part, I could speed it up by converting to C++ but don't really see the need as it's not a conversion I plan to do regularly; I was planning to hold everything in an Access database which is why it was done like that).Postscript versions are trivially produced from the abc (via abcm2ps or similar).

I can produce version with synchronized words (%w in abc) for generating Karaoke style midi, but if it helps I could probably include the complete texts as %W records with not too much work (the full texts are not in the SW files, so they'd have to be picked up externally)

My only delay at the moment is checking the warnings produced both by my conversion to abc and by the abc-midi conversion. They are relatively few and almost all are ignorable but I prefer to check them all (since this is a one-off batch conversion) and I'm a bit busy elsewhere at the moment. I'll try and set some time aside this week to finish the checking.

If any of this is of interest let me know and we can discuss it off the forum (e-mail sent separately)

Mick (MCPearce0ATaolDOTcom)