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Posted By: Jeri
16-Jun-02 - 01:18 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: SueƱo (Bill Staines)
Subject: RE: Help Staines Song with Chorus en Espanol
I don't think anyone would buy a songbook for just one song. People buy them because they like a particular artist's songs and style. There are frequently dots for tunes, chords, and notes about the artist and the songs in songbooks.

Frankly, I think the whole "intellectual property" issue, when it comes to song lyrics, is about control and the profits of those who enforce those rights than an artist trying to make a living. I see words of a song or two I like, and it makes me want to buy their songbook. I'd love it if someone were able to do a study to see what the effect of freely exchanging lyrics of songs actually had on songbook sales.

I've learned the only two songs I know Linda Kelly wrote. She's freely put the lyrics up here. If she put out a songbook, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'd buy a Jed Marum songbook. I'd buy a Dan Schatz songbook, and I'd definitely buy a Mary Garvey songbook. I'm picking up speed in how fast I learn songs - I can learn them straight from the CDs so I don't really NEED the words. I buy the books because they're more than just the words to songs.

(And tonight I came home with Gordon Bok's latest songbook, complete with photos of his wonderful wood carvings, one of which features Kendall.)