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Posted By: SharonA
17-Jun-02 - 12:53 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sueño (Bill Staines)
Subject: RE: Help Staines Song with Chorus en Espanol
The Question Man GUEST asks: "What is the point of guessing when you don't know the answer?"

(a) It keeps the thread, with its original question, at or near the top of the thread list in the Forum, so that it is more likely to be noticed by someone else who knows the correct answer (in this case, Stone Cold Steve, who posted 5 minutes after I did).

(b) This forum is entitled the Mudcat Discussion Forum, and wrong guesses as well as "silly repartee" are a part of having a friendly discussion. If you were in your living room talking with friends, and one of them asked a question and another guessed at the answer and a third said the guesser was mistaken and gave the real answer, would you come down hard on the guesser and tell him he didn't know when to shut up? Of course not... or, at least, I should hope not!

(c) In this case, my mention of "So Sang the River" could lead to an interesting conversational segue (yet another part of having a friendly discussion) concerning the theme of "singing" rivers in Bill Staines's music. I'm wondering now just how much of a recurring theme it is! Has he any other songs using this metaphor besides "Sueño" and "So Sang the River"?