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Posted By: Anglo
25-Jun-02 - 07:21 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: looking for sea song (Mermaid)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: looking for sea song (Mermaid)
Thanks for straightening that out, Radriano. The tune is the same one as in the Penguin Book, where the singer's six verses (as noted in the Folk Song Journal) are expanded into 10, probably by A.L. Lloyd who was known for that sort of thing). And, for the record, the Oxford tune has an error, reiterated in the ABC above, the third full measure should be: |E2 EF G2{A}d2|

This Penguin version has become fairly well-known, recorded not too long ago by Finest Kind, for example, in a 3-part harmony arrangement.

I wonder that Roy Palmer chose this tune for a different text. For one thing it's well established, for another to my ear it doesn't really fit the metre. It demands a lot of slurred notes, which to my mind tend to be avoided in traditional music. I do find in general that you have to read the small print very carefully to try and work out how he will take a tune from one place, and an often unrelated text from somewhere else, and put them together as if that's how the song has always been. But that's a small cavil. He's done a hell of a lot in the cause of traditional music and I have every respect for the man.

I'll leave the pulpit now.