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Posted By: GUEST,Bill Kennedy
10-Oct-02 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: DT Alphabet
Subject: RE: DT Alphabet
I work with databases all day every day, I know how to use them, and are familiar with quirks, and know not to search with 'a' or 'the', and I am not criticising your work, (get a life you pathetic creatures). JUST THOUGHT YOU"D LIKE TO KNOW, that when you browse, it does not always proceed alphabetically, as anyone would expect. Maybe you won't want to or can't correct it, if not, maybe a message in the FAQ about how to browse would help people.

Take the letter 'S' for example, it goes from SCHOONER to SNOW, continues all the way to SWING ON A STAR than goes back to SCHOONER.

Susan, I care, because not only myself, but others might use the browse feature to find a song and not find it, then post unnecessary queries that the likes of you will criticise them for, snidely, 'Why didn't you look in the DT first?', is that so hard to understand? With all due respect, take your lecture somewhere else.