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Posted By: OldPossum
18-May-03 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Flower Lady (Phil Ochs)
Subject: Tune Add: FLOWER LADY (Phil Ochs)
T:Flower Lady
B:The Complete Phil Ochs: Chords of Fame
C:Phil Ochs
N:filename[ FLWRLADY
| z1 d/d/ d c | c/ B B/-B>A | G/ D D/-D2-|D4 | z1 d/d/ d c |
w: Mil-lion-aires and|pau-pers walk_ the|hun-gry street,|_|Rich and poor com-
c/ B A/-A3/2 G/ | A/ D D/-D2-|D4 | z1 d/d/ d B | A/ G G/-G2 |
w: pan-ions of_ the|rest-less feet|_|Stran-gers in a|for-eign land|
z1 d/d/ d B/B/ | A/ G G/-G2 | z1 d/d/ d B | A<G E E/D/-|D4-|
w: strike a match with a|tremb-lin' hand_|Learned too much to|ev-er un-der-stand.|_|
D z1 d d | e<c c<c | B/ (A3/2 G/ A B/-|B) D/D/ E/D/ E/G/-|G4-|G4 |]
w: _But no|bod-y's buy-in'|flow-ers __|_from the flow-er la-dy.|_|_|