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Posted By: harpgirl
25-Jul-99 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: I LOVE the DT!!!
Subject: RE: I LOVE the DT!!!
Joe, I was amazed and delighted to read that the DT is powered by software designed in Perry, Florida. In fact, while the DoneyGals were enjoying an evening of hilarity and music with another one of Mudcat's finest last night, I mentioned that if the world came to an end I would like to be in Taylor County Florida, because it has the roughest toughest manly men I've ever seen, within it's borders!!!!
Now you go and tell me it also has major computer nerds residing there!!!! I'm even more convinced the human race will resurrect itself from Taylor County Florida if Y2K is the end of the world!!!!! *he, he*...harpgirl

Subject: RE: I LOVE the DT!!!
From: Susan of DT
Date: 25-Jul-99 - 07:10 PM

Joe - The earliest editions of the DT ran on CPM as well as DOS with each song in its own file. Both Dick and I had used Osborn computers and I think Dick had joined the IBM world by then, but I had not. Someone introduced us to Logitek hand scanners fairly early, so we felt very cutting edge at the time. Remember that the Digital Tradition is eleven years old.