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Posted By: Joe Offer
25-Jul-99 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: I LOVE the DT!!!
Subject: RE: I LOVE the DT!!!
Thanks for the historical information, Dick and Susan. I discovered the Digital Tradition in 1992, but I couldn't use it until late that year, when I replaced my Tandy with a computer with an actual hard drive. I've used the database almost daily ever since.

It is interesting to see what people can do with relatively primitive equipment. I think the database will still run on an IBM XT, won't it? Don't know if you could run an Internet browser on anything slower than a 386, so you gotta have some power to be a 'Catter. I still see computer science students hook into university mainframes with Commodore, Timex, and Radio Shack TRS-80 don't they call it trash-80??)computers.