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Posted By: Joe Offer
04-Aug-03 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Sae Will We Yet / So Will We Yet
Subject: ADD: So Will We Yet (Bok)
This is the version from the Folk-Legacy CD called And So Will we Yet.

(traditional, with new words by Gordon Bok)

Come sit down beside us and give us your chat;
Let the wind take the cares of this life off your back.
For our hearts to despondency we never will submit;
We've always been provided for and so will we yet.
   And so will we yet, and so will we yet.
   We've always been provided for and so will we yet.

Come lift up your voices so hearty or frail;
'Twill lighten your hearts and enliven the tale.
We will always be the merrier, the longer that we sit,
We've sung together many a time and so will we yet.

Here's a song for the farmer who prospers the plow,
Rewarding his ardent toils all the year around.
And seedtime and harvest he always will get,
For he's left it all to Providence and so will we yet.

And a song for the carpenter, may patience guide your hand,
For the dearer your work to you, the longer it will stand.
And when the wind is at our door we never will forget,
We've sung your praises many a time and so will we yet.

*And a song for the women with your voices so dear;
Field and road in sun and snow, you bring it all in here.
Your wisdom is as welcome here as is your laughter bright;
We've sung your praises many's the day, and so into the night.

And a song for all you singers who keep your voices clear;
Good health to you and happiness to all that you hold dear.
For the world, as you would have it be, you sing with all your wit,
And ease the work of Providence, and so will we yet.

So lift up your noble hearts with laughter and song,
And may your days be brighter and your nights be not so long.
For your joys were just as welcome here as woes you would forget
And when you wept, we wept with you, and so will we yet.

*Not sung on this recording.

©1990, Timberhead Music

I'd still like to know the source of Bok's tune. Is it traditional?
-Joe Offer-