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123 Lyrics Lyrics
Good collection of lyrics, even includes some traditional songs.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2012 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

A Traditional Music Library Lyrics
Online collection of lyrics, book transcripts, and whatnot. Includes the complete text of two Lomax books.

Avacal Bards Web Site Lyrics
Mostly and SCA Sheet Music & Lyrics site, but has Medieval/Ren Sheet Music & Lyrics as well as a bunch of Traditional Sheet Music & Lyrics

Axon Ballad Collection Lyrics
These pages present images of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society's Axon Ballad collection, named after their collector, G.R. Axon. The collection consists of 132 sheets containing 280 ballads.

Bawdy songs/Filthy filks Lyrics
Not for the prudish
A lot of parodies as well as links to other sites

Broadway Musical Home Lyrics
Does not have lyrics itself, but has suggestions for currently-available Broadway lyrics Websites. Lyrics
A wonderful collection of lyrics for Cajun songs.

CantaLibre - more than just folk Lyrics
Lyrics from Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain as well Gaelic lyrics. Information about Irish Folk, music, musicians, Ireland, the Celts and much more.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2010 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Celtic Lyrics Corner Lyrics
Good source of Irish lyrics. (link updated April 2009)

Cowboy Songs Lyrics
A really wonderful collection of lyrics for cowboy songs.

Cowpie - Country Lyrics Lyrics
Cowpie is to Country what the Digital Tradition is to folk. Cowpie (COuntry and Western Pickers of the IntErnet) is a vast collection of Country lyrics.

Disaster Songs in Canada Lyrics
This website serves as a vehicle to present the Canadian disaster songs that three academics have collected and are currently studying. We wanted to share our findings with a broader public but also invite a broader public to work with us in augmenting and correcting our collection. We welcome your input!

English Ballad Broadsides, University of California at Santa Barbara Lyrics Lyrics
The ezFolk site is one of the most popular folk music resources on the Internet. Here you will find free MP3 hosting for folk and acoustic musicians, free tablature for guitar, banjo, ukulele, and harmonica, as well as over 3000 links to other web resources. In addition you will find some of the best prices anywhere on instruments, books, CDs, DVDs, and more!

Folkbook Lyrics Lyrics
Mostly singer-songwriter lyrics. Also a very good collection of folk links. the FolkBook site has been absorbed into

Folklorist Lyrics
An interesting combination of information from the Digital Tradition and the Traditional Ballad Index. Webmaster is Casey Dwyer.

Froggy Central: Frog Went a-Courtin' -or- A Frog He Would a-Wooin' Go Lyrics
Lots of versions, and lots of verses.
(link updated April 2009)

Hank Snow Lyrics Lyrics
Has all, or nearly all, of the lyrics to songs Hank Snow has recorded. (link updated April 2009)

Hash House Harrier Songbook Lyrics
formerly the Hash House Harrier Dirty Songbook. Need I say more?
-Joe Offer- Lyrics
A large, Australia-based collection of Hebrew songs, along with Yiddish and Ladino lyrics.

Hendrickson's Music Page Lyrics
Lyrics with tunes (midi files). Bawdy Broadsides, Songs of Newman Levy, Others (not yet classified). (link updated April 2009)

History of Songs Lyrics
Histories of popular songs, 1950 to the present. Great information, and some fascinating song stories.

Site unobtainable. An archived page from 2015 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

IlDeposito - Songs of Political and Social Protest Lyrics
A truly amazing collection of protest songs in many languages. " is a website that aims to be an archive of texts and music of political and social protest songs, songs that have always accompanied the struggle of the oppressed classes and the workers' movement, which represent a political and cultural heritage of fundamental value, to be preserved and revived. These songs contain and collect the tradition, the memory of the political and social struggles that have characterized history, in Italy but not only, with all the typical contradictions of the historical, political and cultural development of a society. From the French Revolution to the Risorgimento, passing through the anti- Piedmontese songs. From the anarchist and socialist anthems of the early 1900s to the songs of the Great War. From the first post-war period, to the songs of the Resistance, passing through the anti- fascist songs. And then the second post- war period, the reconstruction, the 'economic boom', the student and worker struggles of the late 1960s and 1970s. The reflux period and finally the present world and "globalization". Each period has had its songs, which are more than just soundtracks: they are real historical documents that allow us to enter the heart of events, passing through non-traditional channels." A large collection of songs from this Website are at

Jumprope Hypertext Archives Lyrics
A huge collection of jumprope chants. Once at University of West Florida, Pensacola; now at Mudcat with permission from the originator. Prior URL:

Kenneth S. Goldstein Collection of American Song Broadsides Lyrics
Approximately 3,300 song broadsides are being preserved, scanned, and derivative images made.

Kingwood Kowboy Lyrics
World's largest collection of song lyrics by an individual songwriter.

Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection Lyrics
An extensive collection of 19th Century songbooks, with lyrics transcribed. Sound recordings available for many songs.

Maddy Prior Lyrics
A lot of lyrics from Maddys records inc Silly Sisters

Monologues and Music Hall Songs Lyrics
A fascinating collection of recitations, monologues, and comic music hall songs.

Murray Collection, University of St. Andrews Lyrics
Scans of some 350 broadsides.

Music Potential Lyrics
This site contains lyrics, chords, tabs and specialized instruction on: general learning, practice strategy, rhythm, modes, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and bass.

My Songbook Lyrics
Great number of lyrics of traditional and contemporary folksongs in English, with added information for many of them Lyrics
A large collection of lyrics and other information.

Ons Blerkas Afrikaanse volksmusiek - South African folk music Lyrics
Extensive collection of lyrics, mostly in Afrikaans. Lyrics
Probably the best source for French lyrics.

Poetry and Songs of the War Between the States Lyrics
This site has an easy to use index of titles and first lines of many Civil War song lyrics and poems. You will hear a midi of Jay Ungar's modern composition, "Ashokan Farewell", when you log on. There is a nice explanation of it at the bottom of the main page. Very nice site, easy to use and well laid out. (Link updated April, 2009). Not functioning Sept 2014, but you can get it at

Rabid Squirrel's Jazz Archive Lyrics
A good collection of the "standards" from the 30's to the 50's. It has moved around to different Web addresses, but it's still available (all I can get to is the home page in Sept 2014 -Joe Offer)

REC Music Foundation Lyrics
two sections:
  • Lieder and Song Texts
  • Classical MIDI with words

Remembering the Old Songs Lyrics
First-class research information on dozens of traditional songs. These articles are a monthly feature of INSIDE BLUEGRASS, the publication of the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association. They document links between bluegrass and old-time music and the traditional music of Appalachia, the British Isles, and elsewhere.

Robert Burns World Federation Lyrics
Everything you'd like to know about Robert Burns, including a vast collection of poems and song lyrics (look under 'resources'). Also see: World Burns Club

Robokopp - Folk Index & others Lyrics
This entry to the site gives menus/indices for the songs by Country, Author, Category. Some of these are Robert Burns, Robert Tannahill, Christmas Songs, Hymns, Isaac Watts, Sea Songs, and many others.

Rounds: Beyond 'Row, Row Row Your Boat' Lyrics
A nice collection of rounds, with notation and MIDI files. - German Lyrics Lyrics
A nice selection of traditional German songs.

SongMeanings Lyrics
"SongMeanings is more than just a site with a bunch of lyrics, we're a community. You can comment on any song, add what you think the song is about, or what it means to you. In addition, you can submit your own lyrics. Our goal is to create the world's largest and most functional lyric site, period. We also have a community aspect with user profiles, message boards and more."

Songs collected by Donagh MacDonagh Lyrics
In the late 40s and early 50s Donagh MacDonagh hosted Ireland is Singing, a programme on Radio Eireann where the songs were sent in by the listeners. Here are about 300 of them. There are no tunes so if you fancy a song here you will have to fit a tune to it which is what they did on the radio programme.

Songs from Barry O'Neill Lyrics
Interesting collection of traditional songs, many of which are not found at Mudcat.

Songs of Freedom Lyrics
A nice collection of historic and other lyrics

Songs of the Inland Waterways - Canal Songs Lyrics
This site is aiming to gather together and provide links to songs, old and new, which relate to British and Irish waterways. Lyrics are given with tunes and/or chords where possible. Contributions of missing tunes/chords would be most welcome. Small snippets of recordings are included to give a better idea of the songs' tunes and melodies. The recordings are mp3, mono, 128kbps files which will open for use by your usual media player in a new window. It should therefore be possible to listen to the song whilst looking at the words or music.

Stephen Foster Songs Lyrics
A nice collection of S.C. Foster lyrics, with MIDI files.

The Acoustic Music Archive Lyrics
Find lyrics and chords for folk songs, discover their origins and listen to recordings of them. And you can also contribute to the archive yourself.

The Disaster Song Project Lyrics
Lyrics and background information for twenty disaster songs, mostly traditional.

The Folk Song Index: Oberlin College Library Lyrics
An Oberlin College Libraries & Sing Out! Collaboration

The Gilbert & Sullivan Archive Lyrics
Reliable collection of lyrics, scripts, and lots more.

The Guitar Guy Lyrics
A great place to find chords for songs. Huge collection, well-indexed.

The Hava Nashira Site: A Jewish Songleader's Resource Lyrics
Only a links page is available just now, but it's a good one.

The Jack Horntip Collection Lyrics
Formerly the Immortalia Website, this is a collection of bawdy songs and tales from a wide variety of sources.

The Oxford Book of English Verse (Quiller-Couch) Lyrics
on-line lyrics sorted by author (Anonymus wrote a lot of good songs) or time or title or first line

The Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project Lyrics
Songs and other folklore from the Vietnam War.

The Word on the Street: Broadsides from the National Library of Scotland Lyrics
The National Library of Scotland's online collection of nearly 1,800 broadsides lets you see for yourself what 'the word on the street' was in Scotland between 1650 and 1910. Crime, politics, romance, emigration, humour, tragedy, royalty and superstitions - all these and more are here.

Todd's Lyrics and Links Lyrics
An outstanding collection of "old standards" lyrics. (Joe Offer)

Triskelle - Spending Time in Ireland Lyrics
A journey through Irish music and history. Large and well-documented collection of lyrics to Irish songs. Not working Sept 2014, but an archive page can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Tuttoscout - Italian Scout Songs Lyrics

Ulster Orange Unionist Loyalist songbook Lyrics
A heap of songs from the Ulster / Orange /Unionist /Loyalist traditions.
Not working Sept 2014, but can be traced through

Ultimate Camp Resource Lyrics
Songs, games, skits, and other camp resources - a wonderful collection. Lyrics
At long last, the official Woody Guthrie Website has LYRICS!!! Lyrics
A study of work songs and how they can be used and enjoyed. Includes a large collection of work song lyrics and links to online recordings.

Australian Folk Songs Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
Perhaps the earliest folk site on the web (since 1994) Music notation, notes to each song, MIDI and mp3, lots of links, articles etc. Starting from 101 Songs in 1994, it has now expanded to a total of 1094 Songs and Poems almost entirely through recent discoveries of original material that was published in 231 different Australian newspaper titles which are now digitised - through the National Library of Australia TROVE Project.

Digital Archive of Finnish Folk Tunes Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
SKS collection(s) of Finnish Folk Tunes (circa 9000 'pieces' of notation and/or lyrics)(link updated April 2009)

Digital archive of popular American sheet music Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
Search by Title or Keyword for Sheet Music.The UCLA Music Library's Archive of Popular American Music is a research collection covering the history of popular music in the United States from 1790 to the present. The collection, fully accessible at the item level through the UCLA Library Orion2 catalog, is one of the largest in the country, numbering almost 450,000 pieces of sheet music, anthologies, and arrangements for band and orchestra.

GEST Songs Of Newfoundland And Labrador Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
More than a thousand song lyrics, MIDI files, guitar tabs and music scores with a site search engine, individual artist listings, and a discussion forum with only one theme: Newfoundland and Labrador music. a comprehensive index of hymns and hymnals Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music

Hymns in Folk-Friendly Keys Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
Public domain hymns presented in easy keys for guitar and other instruments. Includes play-along videos, sheet music, guitar tab, mandolin tab, ukulele tab, and chords for autoharp melody playing.

Minnesota Heritage Songbook Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
The index includes (to the best of the author's knowledge) every English-languge folk song collected in Minnesota and printed in any folk song collection. It also includes many foreign-language songs and some songs collected but never printed.

Musica e Tradizione Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
A nice collection of Italian songs, with lyrics and musical notation. Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
Old Favourites and New Contemporary Scottish Sheet Music All Priced at Pennies a Page. Listen, View and Download Direct to your Printer."

Site unobtainable, but an archived page from 2017 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Union Songs Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
More than 620 songs and poems, over 250 Authors Call them rebel songs, slave songs, songs of freedom, work songs, songs of dissent, songs of struggle, protest songs, liberation songs, labour songs, labor songs, workers songs, industrial folk songs, environmental songs, songs of equality, peace songs. For over two centuries working people across the world have built trade unions. This site documents the songs and poems that they made in the process, union songs. It includes songs and poems that are being written today, as the process of union building continues all around the world.

Werner Icking Music Archive Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
Wede variety of sheet music, mostly classical. Also a good source for Gregorian chant.

What's the Score? Lyrics, Sheet & Online Music
"The Bodleian Libraries are looking for your help in increasing access to their music collections. Over four thousand digitised scores, mostly piano music from the nineteenth century, many of which have illustrated covers, have now been made available online. By describing these images, you will not only be helping to provide access to this valuable but hitherto 'hidden' collection, you will also be facilitating future research into popular music of the period and the wider social function which it performed during the Victorian age."

The project appears to have finished, but an archive page from 2012 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

The Session MIDI & ABC Tunes
An area for irish session tune info - over 3,700 tunes available as of September 2003.

ABC convertor MIDI & ABC Tunes
Converts ABC to MIDI and PDF sheetmusic. Dec 2016 - no longer operating because of too much Spam. An archived page from 2015 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America MIDI & ABC Tunes
Traditional and Popular Music from 1600 to 1900. Child Ballads, Sea Shanties, Turlough O'Carolan. MIDI, Lyrics and History. Songs arranged by both category and country. With biographies of Percy French, Thomas Moore, Thomas D'Urfey and Charles Dibdin and more.

JC's ABC Tune Finder MIDI & ABC Tunes
Locates ABC tunes on at various Websites, and can produce some tunes in gif format.

Jon Corelis Celtic Melody Library MIDI & ABC Tunes
This web site houses a collection of traditional Celtic melodies which Jon has gathered, notated as printed scores, and recorded into sound files.

Melody Lane MIDI & ABC Tunes
An outstanding collection of MIDI tunes and lyrics, mostly for old popular songs before 1920. Lots of graphics, so it tends to load slowly.

MIDI Search Engine MIDI & ABC Tunes
A great way to find MIDI tunes on the Web. (Joe Offer)

MIDI World MIDI & ABC Tunes
Extraordinary collection of classical MIDI files.
(Joe Offer)

MIDItxt MIDI & ABC Tunes
upgrade of a program written by Alan of Oz, can be used for converting MIDI files into text for posting at Mudcat
(link good as of April 2009, but support for MIDItxt is limited since MIDI files can be submitted for direct posting now.- JRO)
If you see a posted MIDItxt file you'd like to hear, contact Joe Offer to get it converted to MIDI.

Netstrider Music Files MIDI & ABC Tunes
Small collection of nicely-done MIDI files of songs from the U.S. and from the Brithish Isles.
(Joe Offer)

Site now unobtainable but an archived page from 2013 can be seen at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Nigel Gatherer MIDI & ABC Tunes
Nigel Gatherer is a professional musician: teacher, performer, composer, publisher and researcher. His classes, workshops and residential courses are popular throughout Scotland and the U.K. One of Nigel's missions in life is to get people playing music with one another, and this site provides resources to help, through education, tutorials, music and history.His Website includes a discussion forum, and a huge collection of ABC tunes.

Noteworthy Composer MIDI & ABC Tunes
Visit here to download a pretty good shareware music/MIDI program.

Old Time Music MIDI Archive - 19th and 20th Century dance MIDI & ABC Tunes
Old Time fiddle tunes - played with real fiddle effects, not just computer generated MIDIs. Check out the rest of this site, too.

Play with the Band MIDI & ABC Tunes
Music on Piano Disks and Piano CD'S compatible with all brands of digital keyboards, acoustic pianos and disklaviers, computers and C. D. players. Our sheet music is coordinated to "Play Along" with the piano disks and CD's. Roaring 20's and Hymns of Praise.

Quagaars midi MIDI & ABC Tunes
some very nice midi files here

The Great Canadian Tunebook MIDI & ABC Tunes
Barry Taylor's new home for his Canadian MIDI tunes. (Still good January 2019).

Tune DB MIDI & ABC Tunes
Claims to have over 16,000 ABC tunes.

Charles Templeton Sheet Music Collection Sheet Music
A large collection of sheet music at the Mississippi State University Library, available in easily-printed PDF format.

Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Sheet Music Sheet Music
Acquired by Baylor University in 1965, this collection of approximately 30,000 titles was the life-long pursuit of the avid and well-respected sheet music collector for whom the collection is named. The collection includes many fine examples of first editions such as Jingle Bells and Battle Hymn of the Republic, as well as first editions of prominent American composers of the time such as Stephen Foster and Scott Joplin.

IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana University Sheet Music
An extensive collection of sheet music. Music published 1923 and earlier is available online for review.

Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music Sheet Music
The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music is part of Special Collections at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library of The Johns Hopkins University. It is comprised of popular American music spanning the period 1780 to 1960. The over 26,000 pieces of music in the Levy Collection are indexed on this site, and images of the cover and music are available for pieces of music more than 75 years old. (Joe Offer)

Links to sheet music...(posted by Bill D) Sheet Music
Many links to sites which have sheet music..(gifs, usually), as well as other things. Also, links to places to get software to convert.(ABC...etc.) This is a LARGE list of all styles of music. If you play fiddle, it is Heaven.

Music Exchange Sheet Muisc & Music Book Distributor Sheet Music
Sheet Music and Music Book Publications with worldwide mail order service for Musicians, Teachers and Eamination Music for Students.

Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1870-1885 Sheet Music
A sheet music collection from the Library of Congress.

Musica Viva Sheet Music
A free sheet music resource covering many styles. Music in Gif,ABC and midi formats also you can print your own manuscript paper.

Site now unobtainable but you can see an archived page from 2006 at:

(edited by Will Fly)

Sheet Music & Books Sheet Music
Sheet Music and Music Book Publications with worldwide mail order service for Musicians, Teachers and Eamination Music for Students.

W is for the woods - traditional Adirondack music & music making Sheet Music
Sheet music, recordings, other documents

Links: Lyrics, Sheet Music & Tabs