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error - DT Keywords

18 Jun 07 - 02:09 PM (#2080138)
Subject: error
From: guitar

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Diagnostic Information
ODBC Error Code = S0002 (Base table not found)

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'DTKeywordSongPairs'.

SQL = "SELECT Songs.SongID,Songs.Title FROM Songs,DTKeywordSongPairs WHERE DTKeywordSongPairs.keywordid IN (431) AND DTKeywordSongPairs.SongID=Songs.SongID GROUP BY Songs.SongID,Songs.Title ORDER BY Songs.Title"

Data Source = "MUDCAT"

The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFQUERY), occupying document position (13:1) to (13:54) in the template file C:\!webserver\mudcat\htdocs\dtkeywords2.cfm.

Date/Time: 06/18/07 14:07:01
Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)
Remote Address:
HTTP Referrer:

this is what I get when I try and get the dt keywords, mind you it's being like this since for a few months and it still hasn't been sorted.

18 Jun 07 - 03:46 PM (#2080218)
Subject: RE: error
From: Bernard

Works okay for me in IE7... maybe the problem is in your browser settings?

18 Jun 07 - 04:05 PM (#2080237)
Subject: RE: error
From: Bernard

Oo-er! I take that back... all of a suddenly it's doing the same to me!!

18 Jun 07 - 04:12 PM (#2080246)
Subject: RE: error
From: Jean(eanjay)

I haven't ever used the dt keywords before so I tried it and mine is doing the same. It doesn't solve the problem knowing that but it might be some consolation that it isn't just doing it with you.

18 Jun 07 - 04:35 PM (#2080261)
Subject: RE: error
From: treewind

Whatever it is, it's certainly a fault at the Mudcat end of the piece of wet string, not at your end.

In simple terms,
The web server bit of Mudcat is talking to the database part of Mudcat and apparently asking for things that don't exist, or by the wrong name, or the file containing the database table has gone AWOL.

Nothing we can do about it but wait for Max to fix it, at an educated guess.


18 Jun 07 - 05:02 PM (#2080292)
Subject: RE: error
From: Declan

If its any use I think the problem is that the comma between songs and DTK after the word From should be a full stop(Period). However as others have said this is an error on the server and theres nothing that can be done to fix it by anyone who doesn't have access to the code on the server.

18 Jun 07 - 05:59 PM (#2080344)
Subject: RE: error
From: Bert

I thought this thread was going to be another one about Error Flynn!!!

18 Jun 07 - 07:36 PM (#2080458)
Subject: RE: error
From: Declan

On second thoughts, I think I've mis-diagnosed the problem. My SQL is a bit rusty.

Looks like the tablename referred to DTKeymwordSongPairs doesn't exist on the database. May be mispelled. Someone with access to the database schema should be able to diagnose and solve the problem fairly easily.

19 Jun 07 - 03:57 PM (#2081368)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: Joe Offer

That's one of the things on our "fixit" list, but both Max and Jeff have been tied up with other things.

Our Digital Tradition keywords are all identified wiht the @ sign. Trouble is, our SuperSearch won't search for @ unless you enclose the search in quotes. Use the search box on the Forum Menu (or on thread pages), and search for "@1812". I think you'll come up with all the songs in the category covering the War of 1812.
Now, if it's a list of keywords you're seeking, I'll have to do some more thinking.

Well, dummyjoe, the list is on the Keywords page, and then people can use that list and my search tip as a workaround....


19 Jun 07 - 05:20 PM (#2081445)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: Q (Frank Staplin)


19 Jun 07 - 05:31 PM (#2081458)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: dick greenhaus

Dunno. Just tried a couple---@sailor    and @loyalist. Both worked fine.

19 Jun 07 - 06:14 PM (#2081511)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Dick - without quotes, the @ is invisible to the search engine. If the keyword is a common word, the results can be far more than you'd like. If it's an unusual word, there's no problem. Without quotes, @sailor comes up with many songs not in the @sailor category - at least, that the way I think it works.
No, on second thought BOTH of us are wrong. Even with quotes, the Mudcat SuperSearch doesn't read the @ sign, so everything with the word comes up. This is a problem is your keyword is something like "horse."

OK, so now that Dick and I have misinformed everybody, is there someone who can give us a correct answer on how to search for keywords, and only keywords?


19 Jun 07 - 07:04 PM (#2081554)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Much of the accurate information and documentation is in the later posts, which are not found by the key words. @ sea is an example; many songs come up including chanteys, of course, but the more accurate work by Charley Noble, Lighter, and others remains hidden.

Unless one has made a list, or committed some more recent threads to their 'favorites' list, I don't know how they will be found.

19 Jun 07 - 08:46 PM (#2081632)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: dick greenhaus

Don't think you're right. I just tried @bawdy (no quotes)--a good test, since the word "bawdy" seldom appears in bawdy songs. Worked fine. FWIW, I'm using the Firefox browser on a Windows XP machine.

19 Jun 07 - 09:20 PM (#2081652)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: Susan of DT

OK. The trick is just not to use the "official" keyword search and just use the @ sign. I just tried three searches: @deadcat which would not come up as a word otherwise and got 10 or so songs. Then I tried @mining and got four screens full - the word does not appear in the songs that often.

Then I tried @civil in the DOS version, which would just get keywords and got 16 songs vs lots more in the mudcat search, including songs that use the word civil. (We have not been consistent about @civil @war vs. @civilwar) So, as Joe said, the mudcat search does not "see" the @ sign and picks up words as well as keywords.

Again, don't try the keyword search, just use the regular search if the keyword is not a common word. I don't think there is a way to get just the keywords when the search does not recognize the symbol that says "this is a keyword" This is on the wishlist we gave Max for improvements we would like to see in the search. Of course, if you use the DOS version, the search does a lot more.

The mudcat search also does not recognize the # sign which we use for Child and DT numbers. But that you can get around by searching for "Child #10" or "DT #551". You don't need the quotes, but you need the phrase.

19 Jun 07 - 09:24 PM (#2081655)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: MMario

Q - posts in the forum aren't searched on keywords anyway.

19 Jun 07 - 09:59 PM (#2081689)
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Which repeats what I said- the songs, information and documentation of later posts are not found by key words- only the rather poor material in the DT will show up.
There seems to be no chance of ever indexing Mudcat. The best sources are a good library and the material on the internet.