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Lyr Add: Little Sparrow (Dolly Parton)

17 Nov 08 - 02:06 PM (#2496002)
Subject: Lyr Add: LITTLE SPARROW (Dolly Parton)
From: Genie

I found various references to this song in several threads, and I know it's basically a variation on the "Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies" theme, both in lyrics and melody, but I can't find Dolly's lyrics or chords.

So please excuse the duplication if this song's already posted somewhere.   Here are the lyrics and links to three different versions of the song on YouTube.

Little Sparrow (Dolly Parton), up-tempo version, with bluegrass instrumentals

Little Sparrow (Dolly Parton), sung by David Cook

Little Sparrow (Dolly Parton), a cappella

(Dolly Parton - words and music adapted from trad)

Little sparrow, little sparrow,
Precious fragile little thing,
Little sparrow, little sparrow
Flies so high and feels no pain.

All ye maidens, heed my warning:
Never trust the hearts of men.
They will crush you like a sparrow,
Leaving you to never mend.
They will vow to always love you,
Swear no love but yours will do,
Then they'll leave you for another,
Break your little heart in two.


If I were a little sparrow,
O'er these mountains I would fly.
I would find him, I would find him,
Look into his lying eyes.
I would flutter all around him
On my little sparrow wings.
I would ask him, I would ask him
Why he let me love in vain.

I am not a little sparrow;
I am just the broken dream
Of a cold false-hearted lover
And his evil cunning scheme.


All ye maidens fair and tender,
Never trust the hearts of men.
They will crush you like a sparrow,
Leaving you to never mend.

Little sparrow, little sparrow,
Oh, the sorrow never ends.

25 Sep 11 - 07:41 PM (#3228931)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Little Sparrow (Dolly Parton)
From: Desert Dancer

Two of those YouTube links are defunct, but there are several others there, which can be found among the "related" links given with the David Cook version, above.

~ Becky in Tucson
(coming here from the reference in the notes to Jon Boden's "A Folk Song A Day" blog -- on its year 2 rerun.)