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Peggy Seeger- Again

26 Sep 09 - 12:08 PM (#2731811)
Subject: Peggy Seeger- Again
From: Ebbie

There is a large catalogue of Peggy threads but none of the titles suit my purpose so here is another...

Peggy Seeger did a concert here in Juneau last night. It had been nine years since she was here but she was superb. She is the most graceful performer I have ever met. totally at ease in the environment, interested in people and what they say, she creates a Peggy Seeger world wherein every one joins her.

Before the concert she came out and strolled among the people in the audience, sitting down here and there, dispensing handshakes and hugs almost equally. She was not a glad hander, there was nothing of the politician in her, just a recognition of humanity in common.

Then she performed. Supporting her voice alternately with banjo, 1907 guitar, concertina and piano she kept the audience with her every moment of the way.

She appears next in Seattle.

26 Sep 09 - 12:40 PM (#2731831)
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger- Again
From: GUEST,DonMeixner

Peggy and Lou Killen stopped by my booth at Old Songs, looked at jewelry and chatted with my wife and I like old friends. When she left my wife asked who she was. I told her and she said she hasn't often met a person so charming. That's as much a talent as is being a skilled musician.


26 Sep 09 - 01:51 PM (#2731872)
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger- Again
From: Stewart

Peggy's in Seattle tonight for a Seattle Folklore Society concert. It's now sold out - luckily I got my reservations a couple of days ago. I'm looking forward to hearing her; I loved her latest CD.

Cheers, S. in Seattle
where the sun is shining today!

27 Sep 09 - 12:27 PM (#2732458)
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger- Again
From: Stringsinger

Peggy Seeger, like her half-brother Pete, is a folk music educator. Her comprehensive
knowledge of the idiom qualifies her to be someone who can reveal folk music to the general public.

That's on top of being a superb musician and performer.

Frank Hamilton

13 Aug 16 - 04:23 PM (#3804928)
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger- Again
From: keberoxu

I am in awe of her ability as an accompanist, heard her with Ewan MacColl two or three times in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There is hardly anything she can't conjure up with her guitar, making it sound like other instruments or voices.

After one concert I went up to tell her so, and for some reason I said it wrong and she changed the subject and started talking about her late father. Wasn't what I meant to bring up....but it doesn't change my admiration.