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Pace Egging in London

09 Apr 12 - 08:56 AM (#3335672)
Subject: Pace Egging in London
From: SPB-Cooperator

On the way back from work yesterday lunchtime (or more precisely back from a workplace to my home office)I passed my local church - next door to me and was waylaid by my local vicar, drawing my attention to 'egg rolling' taking place in the churchyard.

Apparently this had been going on at the church for many years - something I never noticed due to being at the Lancaster Maritime Festival.

I then talked about this being based upon the tradition of pace egging, which he had never heard of. However, he did see the link of the word pace being derived from the Old English word for passover. I can spell it so I won't attempt to type it.


That struck a note of curiosity on my part as to whether, when where I live used to be a remote village, pace egging ever did take place in its traditional form, and also if there was a pace egging tradition in London/Middlesex - if so are there any documented accounts.