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Graniale / Granuaile

06 Jan 16 - 02:16 AM (#3763150)
Subject: Graniale
From: GUEST,Eluned

Forgive me if this is in the DT somewhere, but I could not recall the proper spelling(s).
There is an excellent album, produced I think in Ireland of this title on the topic of the life of Grace O'Malley, the 'pirate queen'. Can anyone jog my memory as to the composer, singers, and/or proper spelling?

06 Jan 16 - 02:26 AM (#3763153)
Subject: RE: Graniale
From: GUEST,#


06 Jan 16 - 04:08 AM (#3763172)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: MartinRyan

A concept album/concert piece by Shaun Davey:

Click here


10 Mar 16 - 02:27 PM (#3777886)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile

I'm really sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere on this forum - but I'm looking for a song which I was convinced was on the Granuaile (Seán Davey/Rita Connolly) album. I can sing the entire thing from start to finish, but I can find no trace of it on the internet. Anywhere. And that's a first for me, and I think I might be going mad!

It's the opposite of a love song - where Granuaile divorces her husband Risteard an Iarainn, under the old Brehon Law by dismissing him 3 times. The first verse goes:
As a husband you are neither bad nor good,
but you please me not
With your foolish show
With your huff and puff in your iron suit
You're as heavy as a gross of cannonball
Only good for battering down a wall
And you don't know what you're at, at all, at all
And this marriage is no longer convenient.

Please Help Save My Sanity!

(And again, apologies if it's elsewhere on the forum).

10 Mar 16 - 02:59 PM (#3777891)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Anglogeezer


Try here :

The full score is for hire for $1500.

It is after all copyright.

As we say in Yorkshire, "You don't get owt for nowt"


10 Mar 16 - 03:47 PM (#3777897)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile

Anglogeezer - Seriously?????

Obviously, you don't know the song, and can't help. Or maybe you do, and are looking for some sort of payment? (I refer to the "owt for nowt" comment).

Thanks, I understand how google works. Perhaps it's the Yorkshire sense of humour that I'm not getting.

11 Mar 16 - 03:08 PM (#3778087)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Thompson

Would it be in here somewhere? I assume you could use the link Anglogeezer supplies to ask Shaun Davey about copyright conditions for singing his song.

11 Mar 16 - 06:42 PM (#3778141)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile

Fair enough, thank you.
I had only really posted the query because I wanted to listen to the recording again. I'm sure Seán Davey wouldn't have an issue with me singing along in the car! :-) If I ever get to the point where I want to sing it in public, I'll go through the right channels, as suggested. And I appreciate the link.

I'm still flabbergasted that I can't find the song anywhere, or any reference to it, recording, review.....nothing! It's nowhere in that link you posted, Thompson, but thanks anyway. I had gone through the entire thing twice already before I asked here, It's an elusive little ditty! Does it even sound vaguely familiar to anybody here? It's a cracking little song, and I'd love to hear it again.

Thanks for your responses.

12 Mar 16 - 06:31 AM (#3778242)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Thompson

After posting the link I went down through the comments on it, and someone else seems to be looking for the same song. Maybe it appeared in an earlier version of the opera and got edited out.

12 Mar 16 - 07:03 AM (#3778253)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile

Ah-ha! I see that comment now too.

At least I know I haven't gone completely crazy, although the song still remains elusive, and I've lost the original cassette that it was on.

It's the first time I have ever not managed to find something on the internet - hard to believe that's even possible!

Thanks very much, Thompson!

14 Mar 16 - 04:05 AM (#3778699)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Tony Rees

I have/had the TV broadcast of the concert performance on video somewhere (no track list though, would have to play through it). Does that sound any use?

Tony Rees, Australia

14 Mar 16 - 04:20 AM (#3778702)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Tony Rees

There's a track list of the original album here:

- Tony

14 Mar 16 - 04:52 AM (#3778709)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Tony Rees

OK, I've given the tape a viewing (it is called "Granuaile at Greenwich) and was originally made for RTE. After some introductory doco scenes the content follows the same programme as the CD, as per here:

There seems to be one song missing both from the concert video and the CD, which was originally on an equivalent cassette release, called "The Dismissal", see!topic/ I'm guessing this is the elusive track you cannot find...

Regards - Tony

11 Sep 17 - 06:56 PM (#3876613)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: GUEST,Grainne

I have been looking for this song for years! It was on the original album I bought in 1985 but when I downloaded from iTunes it was missing and I was so disappointed! Can't find any version on YouTube or any reference to it anywhere. Googling the lyrics has resulted in nothing either.

18 Sep 17 - 06:30 PM (#3877576)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: GUEST,Hope

I thought I was losing my mind as well! When I started to search for Granuaile, it was The Dismissal I looked for first.

18 Sep 17 - 07:16 PM (#3877582)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Tattie Bogle

I have the audio cassette version somewhere: will do a rummage and see if I can find that song. But not tonight!

19 Sep 17 - 03:48 AM (#3877597)
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
From: Tattie Bogle

Found my cassette! more easily than I thought! The Dismissal is final track on side 1: coming up soon!