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Lyr Req: 20th Century Is Almost Over/…Soon Be Over

09 Dec 99 - 10:26 PM (#147368)
Subject: The 20th Century is Almost Over
From: Dragonfly

Possible alt 1st line is: The 20th Century will soon be over. I know a tune for it, possibly borrowed from an old gospel tun

09 Dec 99 - 10:42 PM (#147379)
From: Jeri

I don't see it in the database. Does it go something like...

by Steve Goodman, John Prine

Back in 1899, when everyone was singing "Auld Lang Syne"
A century took a long, long time for every boy and girl.
Now there's only one thing that I'd like to know
Where did the 20th century go?
I'd swear it was here just a minute ago
All over this world.

And now the 20th century is almost over,
Almost over, almost over
The 20th century is almost over
All over this world.
All over this world, all over this world
The 20th century is almost over, all over this world.

Does anyone remember the Great Depression?
I read all about it in True Confession
I'm sorry I was late for the recording session
But somebody put me on hold.
Has anybody seen my linoleum floors
Petroleum jelly, and two World Wars?
They got stuck in the revolving doors
All over this world.
And now...

The winter's getting colder, summer's getting hotter
Wishin' well's wishin for another drop of water.
And Mother Earth's blushin' 'cause somebody caught her
Makin' love to the Man in the Moon.
Tell me how you gonna keep 'em down on the farm
Now that outer space has lost it's charm?
Somebody set off a burglar alarm
And not a moment too soon.

Old Father Time has got his toes a tappin'
Standing in the window, grumblin' and a rappin'
Everybody's waiting for something to happen.
Tell me if it happens to you!
The Judgement Day is getting nearer
There it is in the rear view mirror.
If you duck down I could see a little clearer
All over this world!
And now...

Lyrics are from the John Prine Shrine

09 Dec 99 - 10:47 PM (#147382)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The 20th Century is Almost Over
From: Jeri

Whoops - I meant to do a link to the John Prine Shrine

20 Dec 99 - 04:32 AM (#151852)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 20th Century is Almost over
From: Joe Offer

We've had a few threads on that song: click here
and here
and, especially, here, which got a bit heated.

Darn it all, I found a gospel song that must have been the basis for this one, and I guess I forgot to post it. Now I can't remember where i found it, or what the name of the gospel song was. Anybody know?
-Joe Offer-