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Origins/ADD: Seneca Canoe Song

07 Dec 16 - 03:58 AM (#3824966)
Subject: Origins: Seneca Canoe Song
From: Joe Offer

The Seneca Canoe Song is one of those songs I've always heard about, but never heard. I found it on Pete Seeger's Folkways album titles Champlain Valley Songs, Folkways No. FH5210, 1960.

Here are the notes:
    This Seneca canoe song was learned from the singing of Ray Fadden, teacher, Iroquois Indian historian, authority and museum keeper at the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation in the northern boundary of New York State. By his work through the Akwesasne Mohawk Organization, he has succeeded in passing on to younger generations of St. Regis Mohawks much of the traditional lore of their ancestors.


The lyrics are in the Rise Up Singing Songbook:


Kayowajineh, yo ho hey yo ho
Kayowajineh, Kayowajineh-eh
Kayowajineh yo ho hey
Kayowajineh Kayowajineh-eh

Pete Seeger tells his story of the song:

Album recording (Seeger's Circles & Seasons):
Anybody know anything else about this song or its background?