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BS: Spam

13 Mar 17 - 07:33 AM (#3844628)
Subject: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

I seem to be getting quite a bit of Spam lately, and it amuses me to see what 'they' think I might need. This morning, it appears my life might be enhanced by a Hot Russian Lady, some Viagra and several opportunities to make bets playing online poker (a card game I know nothing about) I suspect some of these folk may know something about me, as there is also a plethora of companies selling large sized-clothes ladies. There is also a person who is offering five fun girls (I assume they mean women) who will play with me. (Snakes-and-Ladders? Dominoes?)
Do other Mudcatters get these daft Spam e mails and if so, what's on offer?

13 Mar 17 - 08:06 AM (#3844634)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: JHW

A few weeks ago I was getting a screen full of offers from dubious women (probably not women at all, just robots trying to con you into clicking something nasty) but all in the Spam box. Suddenly they were gone, now just and ad or two from previous sites I've used. No idea where they all came from or why they went. Guess some server somewhere has been shut down.

13 Mar 17 - 08:27 AM (#3844636)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Mr Red

Hot Russian Lady, some Viagra and several opportunities to make bets

Russian Roulette

13 Mar 17 - 08:34 AM (#3844639)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Jim Carroll

I had bad problems last year - it cost me a fortune to get the PC cleaned, and then I had to lay out a tidy sum to have a decent anti-virus installed.
My laptop is badly effected, so I avoid using it on line
The best freebie, in my opinion, is the Avast, but like all freebies - you get what you don't pay for (if that makes sense).
Avast has a 'safe zone) function which allows you to work around the bugs, but it doesn't get rid of them.
I bought ESET Security, after some research and advice - seems good, but only lasts for 2 years.
Good luck
"offers from dubious women"
Never live up to expectations, according to my wife!!
Jim Carroll

13 Mar 17 - 08:57 AM (#3844641)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Sandra in Sydney

I don't get much spam personally, but do get some interesting things on my folk club's gmail address - beautiful russian ladies, viagra, cheap meds, cheap loans, but most of it is SEO spam with companies in India offering to make our "business' top on google ratings, so we'll do better than our "competitors" etc.

13 Mar 17 - 09:20 AM (#3844645)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

I'm touching wood here, but I've never had a problem with viruses in my laptop. I don't ever click on this Spam stuff (tempted as I am to have a look at this Hot Russian Lady who's always on offer. Perhaps she needs air-conditioning?).
I'm very jealous of my sister, as she often gets men with strong Nigerian accents ringing her up to tell her about a serious problem with her computer. She's not ex-directory, so they can get her number quite easily. She has a bit of fun playing them along before she tells them to 'go away'. We're ex-directory and on the Telephone Preference List, so we get no fun at all. I'd rather like a nice chat with a Nigerian!
I sometimes wonder though just how much information is available about me on the internet, as I recently paid off a small loan, and instantly got lots of Spam about loans and strange credit card companies I'd never heard of. It was obvious 'they' knew!

13 Mar 17 - 09:38 AM (#3844656)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Jim Carroll

The problem with searching the interested randomly is that it attracts spam
I'm often horrified after having searched for accommodation for a stop somewhere, I find myself bombarded with ads from unconnected sites for hotels and B and Bs within an area of fifty miles of my destination - spooky or what

13 Mar 17 - 09:40 AM (#3844657)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Jim Carroll

I'm thinking of employint the services of THESE PEOPLE
Jim Carroll

13 Mar 17 - 04:41 PM (#3844722)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Doug Chadwick

Lately, I have been getting ads for "Mature women who like to say 'yes' ". They're supposed to be MATURE but they look young to me. Makes me feel really old.


13 Mar 17 - 09:11 PM (#3844758)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

I've had loads of beautiful Russian/Chinese/other ladies looking for love and tons of those holiday ones. We're paying the price for a free internet. I'm contemplating whether I should use an ad-blocking app. But, because I get the internet for nothing, I'm wondering whether that would be ethical.

13 Mar 17 - 10:41 PM (#3844768)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Joe Offer

On my cross-country tour last September, I couldn't find lodging where I wanted and ended up driving another 40 miles through a thunderstorm to Austin, Minnesota. The storm stopped after I finished dinner, so I took an 11 PM tour of the town. It was then I remembered the significance of Austin - it's where Hormel meat packing makes Spam, and it's the site of a years-long labor dispute.
Turns out the Austin is a pretty little town, even in the dark — and the Spam plant is huge.
I thought you all ought to know that.
Oh, and the Hormel mansion is very pretty, and nicely lighted at night. I'm sorry I had to leave early next morning - I would have liked to have toured the Spam Museum.

13 Mar 17 - 11:41 PM (#3844774)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: EBarnacle

I have always been dubious about those dubious hot Russian women, as I have one and she;s enough for me.

14 Mar 17 - 03:05 AM (#3844788)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

My goodness Joe, we practically lived on Spam just after the War, I didn't like it all that much (especially in the form of Spam fritters in school dinners; greasy tepid slices of fatty gunk) I never knew it was produced in Austin Minnesota. Looking at your link about the museum (hahaha a Spam Museum! :) ), there's a huge tin of the stuff, and it's exactly the same colour and design; brings back memories!

I don't mind getting spam related to what I've been browsing, such as gardening, travel, wildlife, sewing etc. I do not, however, browse for hot Russian ladies.

This morning I was smiling again, as there was an advert for a cruise. 'They' obviously aren't aware that I only have to glance at a ship and I'm as sick as a dog. If ever I went on a cruise, I'd bring a very large bucket and an enormous sack of Stugeron tablets.

Oh EBarnacle, how super that you have a Russian lady of your own!

14 Mar 17 - 05:27 AM (#3844823)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

Spam fritters and egg and cheese flan were always my very favourite school dinners.

14 Mar 17 - 05:40 AM (#3844825)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

I liked the egg and cheese flan Steve, quite edible.
Wasn't the mashed potato sour? I suppose it was that powdered stuff reconstituted with hot water. And the cabbage??! Grooooooo...

14 Mar 17 - 05:43 AM (#3844826)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

I don't think you get big black lumps in powdered mash, Senoufou!

14 Mar 17 - 07:02 AM (#3844834)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

I was very tempted by a tin of Spam in our cupboard yesterday for some reason. What can my body be telling me if I am craving Spam?!?!

:D tG

14 Mar 17 - 08:00 AM (#3844843)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Your body is telling you you must be tired of life Dave!

Steve, we used to tell each other that the dinner ladies picked their noses into the mashed potato. No wonder we didn't fancy school dinners, we put ourselves off!

14 Mar 17 - 08:03 AM (#3844845)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

As long as it's been heated to at least gas mark 6 I'm not fussy! 🤢

14 Mar 17 - 08:46 AM (#3844850)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

If anyone ever fancies a change from something and chips try this reversal. Make the "something" vegetable based and make the chips out of Spam. IE - Cut the Spam into chip sized strips and bakes at a high temperature until crispy outside.

It is pretty good but I would not want it too often!

:D tG

14 Mar 17 - 08:52 AM (#3844852)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

You could add some bogies Dave, Steve won't mind at all.

My laptop Spam was very boring today, just an offer from Kwikfit to give me an M.O.T. (Well, I expect they're referring to my car; I'd never pass an M.O.T.!) I'm getting a bit worried about the Hot Russian Lady who seems to have withdrawn her services - is she all right?

14 Mar 17 - 10:06 AM (#3844864)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

You can make decent "chips" out of gram flour (chickpea flour). They were a bit too soft first time I tried it but I must have another go. Thinking of making some polenta wedges to have with an avocado dip tomorrow if I can find a couple of ripe 'n' readies. You can't trust 'em. I know I'm not supposed to but I never buy an avocado that I haven't given just a little squeeze...

14 Mar 17 - 01:27 PM (#3844902)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: EBarnacle

In order to be an M.O.T. [Member of the Tribe] you have to be Jewish.

14 Mar 17 - 03:30 PM (#3844932)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

Sorry, EB, don't get it :-( Probably a UK/US thing? MOT test in the UK is Ministry of Transport test - IE to see if vehicles are roadworthy. Funny thing is last time my car had an MOT test I went to the docs for my annual check up at the same time. We both passed :-)



15 Mar 17 - 02:04 PM (#3845095)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

This morning I got quite a few invitations to place bets on horses in the Cheltenham Races. And a kind enquiry about my arrangements for my funeral. However,rumours of my impending demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Still no sign of my friend the Hot Russian Lady, or even the five lusty damsels ready to play. Perhaps they're all on holiday together in Magaluf.

15 Mar 17 - 02:04 PM (#3845096)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

This morning I got quite a few invitations to place bets on horses in the Cheltenham Races. And a kind enquiry about my arrangements for my funeral. However,rumours of my impending demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Still no sign of my friend the Hot Russian Lady, or even the five lusty damsels ready to play. Perhaps they're all on holiday together in Magaluf.

15 Mar 17 - 02:05 PM (#3845097)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Ha! There now appears to be two of me. I've been cloned!

16 Mar 17 - 04:50 AM (#3845188)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Sandra in Sydney

how lovely! twice the fun

hope it will not give you twice the amount of spam (unless it is baked SPAM chips)

16 Mar 17 - 05:09 AM (#3845190)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

More Cheltenham Races betting opportunities this morning, and yet again some kind advice about planning my funeral. Are the two connected? Maybe if I won an enormous amount on the horses I might have a cardiac arrest due to the shock, in which case it would be very nice to have already decided what kind of flowers, hymns and eulogies I'd want at my obsequies?

16 Mar 17 - 09:01 AM (#3845215)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Of course the Hot Russian Lady and the five playful young women would be most welcome to attend if they so wished...

16 Mar 17 - 09:53 AM (#3845223)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

I just got a tax refund. All I need to do is log on and send them my bank details to claim it...

:D tG

16 Mar 17 - 10:17 AM (#3845226)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Oooh Dave, go for it! I bet you can hardly wait.

I sometimes get Spam for dating sites, encouraging me to seek exciting moments with attractive new partners. My husband falls over laughing, the beast. But to be fair, he can see what I actually look like, and I imagine the attractive new partners might be just a tad disappointed.

16 Mar 17 - 10:30 AM (#3845229)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

Me too, though I've also had my bank account limited at a bank I didn't even know I was in, my Paypal account suspended for suspicious activity and my Apple ID put in the sin-bin. Don't worry, Dave. I have this half-brother in Nigeria who's a friend of Ban Ki-moon. Just send me your bank details and a release fee of three grand and I'll get him to forward you eight million quid...

16 Mar 17 - 11:06 AM (#3845232)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: EBarnacle

I just tell them to take the 3 grand out of the 8 million. Doesn't seem to interest them, though.

17 Mar 17 - 03:47 AM (#3845308)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Rusty Dobro

After a lifetime of hating Spam, I now buy it regularly: it's great bait for carp.....

17 Mar 17 - 08:05 AM (#3845332)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

That's about all it's good for Rusty! Those poor carp...

I got some much better Spam today, mostly travel stuff and Trivago for finding a hotel. Someone obviously thinks we need a nice holiday. I'm all for that. Maybe the Hot Russian Lady et al would like to come along too?

17 Mar 17 - 08:44 AM (#3845338)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

Make any tentative enquiry on Opodo or Trip Advisor as to anything at all and you get bombarded. There, that's done it. Every ad on Mudcat from now on will be those two.

17 Mar 17 - 08:53 AM (#3845339)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Donuel

Your Microsoft Operating system is about to expire, send us your $ now.

With half a billion user info being hacked at a time there are lots of people to contact. It takes a while to post the info for auction to spam distributors and criminals.

There are sites to buy info ranging from credit card numbers to dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

There are probably a few people who still do not know about the Dark Web. Still the dark web has its good points.

The baseline for depravity used to be at sea level in which the toxic barrels of evil could sink. Today it seems like the moral baseline is the same as the lunar orbit and all of us are far beneath that baseline all the time.

Luckily Mudcat is located on an obscure Hawaiian Island chain that is cloaked in fog much of the time. Mariners whisper rumors about Skill Island in which strange roars sometimes extends into the Great Google shipping channel.

17 Mar 17 - 10:09 AM (#3845354)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

I haven't googled anything about travel though Steve. Only coach trips from Norfolk to London (Not exactly exotic. My husband wants to go on the London Eye. I expect I shall be horribly sick, but I've discovered one can sit down while it goes round, so at least I can vomit while seated.)
Haha Donuel, strange roars emanating from Mudcat on its mysterious island! I like that :)

I read today about a British woman scammed by a Nigerian out of £100,000. A romantic interlude that cost her all her life savings. She travelled to meet him in Dubai of all places, but fortunately the UK Police got her to invite him to London and nabbed him. He got 4 years.
My husband says he missed out there, he should have tried that with me. Some chance, I've never had that much to my name. And I'm not quite that daft.

17 Mar 17 - 10:13 AM (#3845356)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

You're hardly aware that the London Eye is moving, it goes so slowly. Have no fear!

17 Mar 17 - 10:36 AM (#3845365)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

Funnily enough my cousin from the US told me Spam made good bait. Then when he visited here we were in a fishing tackle shop and saw some stuff in a Spam shaped tin specially marketed as fish bait. I reckon it was just Spam with a different label but, no, we did not try it :-)


17 Mar 17 - 11:09 AM (#3845369)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

My current Mudcat ads are offering me deals on hotels in Bude (as if - I LIVE here! 😅) and a deal to lease an Aston Martin for "only" £999 a month. Yeah, right - might as well take two of them at that price, his 'n' hers!

17 Mar 17 - 11:14 AM (#3845370)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Steve Shaw

And as I foolishly typed the words "St Patrick's Day" in another thread, I'm now being bombarded by Tesco offering me a 12-pack of Guinness for twelve quid!

17 Mar 17 - 02:56 PM (#3845387)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Thank you Steve, that's reassuring. But apparently one has to leap aboard while it's moving, as it never stops. My husband says he'll throw me over his shoulder fireman-style and jump on to the thing no problem at all. He's so resourceful :)

What are you hesitating for regarding the Guinness? Get two packs, chuck them in the back of the Aston Martin and zoom off around Bude impressing the locals.

17 Mar 17 - 03:06 PM (#3845390)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Joe Offer

What is Cialis?

17 Mar 17 - 03:20 PM (#3845396)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: EBarnacle

I believe it's a Viagra replacement.

17 Mar 17 - 03:34 PM (#3845399)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

Stops you rolling out of bed at night...

:D tG

17 Mar 17 - 07:09 PM (#3845437)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Sandra in Sydney

we now have an email from Rolando Biscocho Castillo offering a business proposition - he has been appearing on a scam warning websites for years!

18 Mar 17 - 04:01 AM (#3845470)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Rusty Dobro

Threads on Mudcat creep much faster than the London Eye does. Why not try the Shard, though? Much higher, but it does stay still (except on windy days...)

18 Mar 17 - 04:41 AM (#3845472)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

He wants to go up the Shard too Rusty, but doing both would be a bit expensive for one visit. The London Eye trip (with the coach company) includes a Thames river journey to Westminster from Tower Pier (last time I was horribly seasick) but I can take Stugeron tablets and brave it out. He absolutely adores London, and I'm happy to go with him.
It's reassuring that the Eye goes quite slowly - I had visions of it positively whizzing round.
As a little girl, my parents kindly paid for me to go on a miniature ferris wheel for children. I was sick immediately, and it flew round and landed on several children in the seats below. And on a bus, I was once sick down the neck of the man in front. I was sick anywhere!

18 Mar 17 - 05:13 AM (#3845473)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

Sturgeon tablets? Do they make you a Scottish nationalist?

:D tG

18 Mar 17 - 05:25 AM (#3845477)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Hahahahaha Dave! If so, my sister would personally throttle me. She detests the SNP and actively campaigns against Scottish Independence. She'd like to see Sturgeon boiled in oil. (or stuffed into a haggis perhaps)
I've found Stugerons to be my lifesavers many a time. They make me drowsy, but it does keep me quiet for a bit...

18 Mar 17 - 07:37 PM (#3845578)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Donuel

The ads on Mudcat are tailored to each individual.

I once made a dentist appointment and the ads on Mudcat were all about dentists the same day.

These are the X files, your data is out there.

18 Mar 17 - 08:23 PM (#3845582)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Donuel

It has been said that the majority of the internet is porn. I don't know if that is true but by way of passing along Donald Trump's favorites site it may be true. I warn you that accessing these sites may turn your computer into a spam bot, virus womb, Estonian listening post, a ICBM attack bot or worse.

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19 Mar 17 - 04:00 AM (#3845617)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

Blimey Donuel. Hope you have not researched all those personally! You have given me a fine idea for a thread stopper when things get too heated:-)



19 Mar 17 - 05:24 AM (#3845626)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Black belt caterpillar wrestler

The other thing I find amusing is the suggestions you get after you have bought something from Amazon or on eBay.
If I have just bought an automatic cat feeder why would I want to buy another one?
They don't seem to recognise which purchases are likely to be one-offs.


19 Mar 17 - 07:19 AM (#3845647)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

Hey - What a co-incidence! Just re-reading your book, Robin. Have picked up the Anglo again after a long gap because I hope to start using it for a Morris team. Bloomin' site easier to carry than my 72 bass piano accordion. Some good stuff in there. Thank you.

Suppose I may start getting spam for anything with the word 'Anglo' in it now :-)



19 Mar 17 - 09:50 AM (#3845659)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

I occasionally buy Vim (scouring powder) on Amazon, as it's not on sale in the supermarkets any more. After I've ordered it, I get heaps of suggestions for all sorts of cleaning products. I imagine them thinking,"God, this woman's house must be absolutely filthy. She definitely needs..." (bleach, detergent, Flash, mops, buckets...)

This morning I've noticed quite a few Spam job opportunities in my local area. At my age I don't think I'd be much use as an employee, unless it involved testing crumpets or trying out comfy sofas. .

20 Mar 17 - 04:05 AM (#3845764)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Mr Red

What is Cialis? - a bit of a "specialist - and the eye-drops will make you look hard!

unless it involved testing crumpets - I thought you had taken a bye on the Russian ladies - Sen!

20 Mar 17 - 04:50 AM (#3845771)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Hahahaha Mr Red! Not that kind of crumpet! :)

20 Mar 17 - 11:43 AM (#3845836)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Janie

I don't get much malicious spam, but am starting to regret donations, political and otherwise. I am getting so much junk in my in-box I end up overlooking e-mails I need or want to read.

It is clear the ol' email addy gets shared generously among social action groups.

Unsubscribing as fast as I can, but doesn't seem to help much, especially the political/'good cause' funding raising stuff.


20 Mar 17 - 12:50 PM (#3845842)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

It is annoying isn't it Janie? I'm one of those rather-too-tidy folk, and I have to 'clean up' my emails daily. The Spam gets the heave-ho, then one has to empty the Trash and sometimes more rubbish has arrived before one can sign out. I often wonder if the senders of all this unwanted Spam get anything out of it. I suppose some people have a look and maybe respond, but nowadays people are very aware of scams and viruses.
One can opt out of unwanted telephone advertising and junk mail through the Post, but the e mail companies have to make their money somehow, and the advertising Spam pays them I expect.
As you say, grrrr!

20 Mar 17 - 03:58 PM (#3845861)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: EBarnacle

Over the past 3 days I have deleted 296 unread at least 10 blocked more than 30 marked as phishing scams [including the so-called Canadian pharmacies] and innumerable read items. Who has time for a life when even weekends are this heavy?

21 Mar 17 - 03:35 AM (#3845919)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Mr Red

I joined Freegle, but (as is my habit), had a special email address for it. There are anything up to 100 in a couple of days, and I set the option to not receive email! I guess I should keep on inventing addresses and remove them when I get fed up.

Freegle was a good idea, but I don't need more "stuff" and anyway if it is important, new is better. I ain'ta rich but not that impoverished, life is too short.

21 Mar 17 - 04:08 AM (#3845920)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

When I retired from teaching many years ago, I heaved a sigh of relief at the prospect of having no more admin. forms, assessments, monitoring, paperwork etc. I did miss the children, but not all that rubbish. It seems now I'm doing the same thing. Not only the e mails but we have a large two-drawer filing cabinet with all sorts of folders (about thirty), just to manage daily life - domestic accounts, health, insurance of various kinds, Tax, the car - it's endless. I reckon we'd do well to employ a blooming secretary.

Modern life is good, but it's hardly simple is it?

21 Mar 17 - 04:54 AM (#3845925)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Donuel


Buy my Jacket-vest

In a world without plastic bags we need more pockets.

21 Mar 17 - 04:58 AM (#3845926)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

That's a very smart jacket Donuel, and I like the colour. But I don't think it would fit over my chest! :)

21 Mar 17 - 02:24 PM (#3845998)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: EBarnacle

Lady Hillary was offered a Ukrainian bride today.

21 Mar 17 - 03:51 PM (#3846016)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Donuel

Like all things the jacket starts small.
I just hope it doesn't get people arrested in the airport.

EBarnacle, do not string these criminals along. (not that you would) They will claim they are being scammed. I know a woman who never paid but wasted their time.
Usually the language barrier breaks down with absurd results.

21 Mar 17 - 06:03 PM (#3846045)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Dave the Gnome

This absolute classic today

Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire   West Africa From Miss Catherine Koffi   I am Catherine Koffi the only daughter of Mr & Mrs William Koffi, It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously of my Father in France during one of his business trips abroad, Before his death on Febuary 25 2013 But God knows the truth. My mother died when I was just 6 years old,and since then my father took me so special.Before his death, he told me he has the sum of (USD$7.700,000) left in a security company inside two metalic box. I am just 19 years old and an university undergraduate and really don't know what to do,Note that the security company where my late Father made the deposit does not know that the consignment depositing under their custody contains money my late father declare the content to the security company as containing family sincere regards,What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is in your account while i finalise my education. Please,Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible. I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards.Your suggestions and ideas will be highly, 1. Can you honestly help me?2.Can I completely trust you? regardedMissCatherine Koffi

I am particularly intrigued by "It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously of my Father in France"

I guess we will never know the truth but, as someone used to say, it is out there :-)



21 Mar 17 - 06:24 PM (#3846049)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Oh Dave I'm so jealous of your Spam; it's much more interesting than my Hot Russian Lady!
My husband (from Abidjan) says Koffi is an Akan name usually found in Ghana, although there are many Akan in Abidjan. The language this person uses is more Ghanaian/Nigerian English than a French/Malinke Ivorian translation.
One wonders why her millionaire father didn't make a will in favour of his only child!
Honestly, would anyone be daft enough to entertain this obvious scam nowadays?
In answer to her two questions: 1) No 2) No

21 Mar 17 - 06:29 PM (#3846051)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

By the way, this particular type of scam is called a '419'.
which is the number of the new Law enacted in Nigeria to deal with advance fee fraud. There's a funny site where people scam the scammers, called '419 Eater'.

24 Mar 17 - 07:10 PM (#3846504)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Sandra in Sydney

great one just received - some nogoodnik is using a legit company's name! But the email address does not match! However it does match an address used by scammers in china (hmmm!)

Sir/girl is better than some other greetings!

Yunnan Zhouyun Import & Export Trading Co. , Ltd.

Dear Sir/girl

We are a China Yunnan comprehensive entity company. Corporation subordinates have supplies import and export companies. Technology import and export corporation. The personnel to go abroad services and technical training

We have set up a yoga training program according to the health needs of Chinese residents, we have signed a contract within 396 peoples in yoga training. I need to find a yoga training school abroad for our students now, We have know your school is a professional yoga training school through internet, now send the mail to consultation. If you can receive our students to training in your school, please let me know the offer, the offer includes tuition, accommodation, transportation and the equipment used during training, such as the training clothing etc.

Training instructions: there are 190 male students, 206 Female students. The age range of students is 16-25 years old. The degree of education: high school degree or above. English level: professional level four or above.

As for the best regards

Project manager: Zhu yonfu

The phone:+8618313890965

25 Mar 17 - 04:02 AM (#3846552)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Sandra, I absolutely love Dear Sir/girl!!!

I got a spam this morning, so I can meet a very nice man. I expect my husband will be glad of the break.

25 Mar 17 - 06:32 PM (#3846657)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Joe_F

Curiously, I get almost no spam these days anywhere on the Internet. Years ago I used to get emails in Russian offering to set me up with car dealerships & real estate offices in Moscow -- and some in Arabic that I could not read. But the best of all was pure whimsy. It was in English, from China, and purported to have intercepted an email from the prophet Elijah to someone (I forget whom) in the Israeli cabinet, offering foreign policy advice.

These days most of my spam (a couple a day) is on my landline telephone. The do-not-call lists intercept it, but I still have to listen to my outgoing message until it gets cut off.

25 Mar 17 - 07:39 PM (#3846671)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Hahaha Elijah e mailing a Chinese man! I've heard it all now :)

I've often wondered how things would have panned out in Bible times if the Internet had existed then. We'd have had Paul's Tweet to the Romans, the Sermon on the Net, and Jesus could have achieved the Feeding of the Five Thousand by ordering groceries online via Tesco.
I bet the Devil would have spent all his waking hours sending Spam by the million.

25 Mar 17 - 08:12 PM (#3846677)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Sandra in Sydney

beautifully put, Eliza!

26 Mar 17 - 05:00 AM (#3846709)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

This morning it appears that a person who calls herself 'MmmHotSexy' (!) has sent me a message. One can only conjecture what this message might be. Perhaps she would like to come over and weed my garden? (in which case, please do!) or she has a Siamese kitten for sale.
I don't think I'll click on it though. It might be about different.

26 Mar 17 - 11:19 AM (#3846765)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Donuel

I went to Microsoft and used a recommended adware malware cleaner

Works great

26 Mar 17 - 01:03 PM (#3846783)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

Imagine if Jesus, Mohammed, the Apostles, Buddha etc each had a Facebook account. Jesus might post a photo of Himself healing the lepers, and everyone could 'like' it.

Or He might have a Blog 'How to catch lots of fish' or 'How to still storms'.

And I suppose Mary Magdalene would be one of those spam ladies (before her conversion of course) advertising Special Massage.

Moses would form a travel company 'Safaris Through The Wilderness'

27 Mar 17 - 08:12 AM (#3846908)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Sandra in Sydney

not another one! tho yoga is big in China

(subject) Yoga

Dear CEO,

We are YUNNAN.China, located in the middle of KUNMING province. Our company has already acquired the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registration, and put on record at the State Administration of Foreign Exchange,

According to our knowledge, your company is engaged in training industry, having a good reputation in the industry in your country. We think that your company can receive our students groups in your country.

Because we and our local school signed a perennial delivered to students studying abroad contract,

We need students to go abroad to learn Yoga training, please introduce your business,

The average age of students is 18 years old, just graduated from college, level 4 in English, is a 112student, your school may arrive in batches, the first batch of 28 students,

You need to provide students with accommodation, food, training,

Please provide details of the learning table, what finally can get a certificate?

We hope to receive your reply,

Kind Regards,


both emails have been sent to Oz govt spam watch site

27 Mar 17 - 01:50 PM (#3846986)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: EBarnacle

Actually, if Jesus had his own Facebook account, it might resolve any questions about the factuality of his existence. Of course, if he were to be executed, his account would probably be blocked,

27 Mar 17 - 02:04 PM (#3846991)
Subject: RE: BS: Spam
From: Senoufou

That's true EBarnacle. I wonder what His e mail address would be? One could send pertinent questions by e mail about various theological points.
I expect Jonah would have a website all about marine mammals. And Solomon would be advertising for builders and carpenters for the building of the temple.(Wanted: construction workers. Must understand cubits)
I got two Spams today, each offering me jobs at a town quite near our village. Bit worrying, as 'they' obviously know where I live, but not my age. I didn't click on them, so I've no idea what the jobs would have been. I can hardly get up off the sofa these days, so I doubt I could do any sort of job.
Good old Trivago still have hopes of my booking a hotel room somewhere nice. (I wish)