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Any Mudcatters in Paris?

20 Apr 17 - 07:00 PM (#3851505)
Subject: Any Mudcatters in Paris?
From: Jack Campin

No this is not about the panic of the day. (Please, mods, DELETE any political twattishness dumped in this thread).

I'm going to be in Paris for a few days at the beginning of May. Are any Mudcatters there at the moment? If so, PM me?

21 Apr 17 - 03:22 AM (#3851545)
Subject: RE: Any Mudcatters in Paris?
From: Thompson

Not to mention in central France, where the fabulous Le Son Continu festival is on this mid-July - it started as a festival of instrument-makers and grew to the extent that thousands now attend, and it has its own owl!

It's held in the grounds of the beautiful mediaeval Château d'Ars

Short film on last year's festival
Wiki on the area
Le Son Continu festival official site

21 Apr 17 - 04:19 AM (#3851557)
Subject: RE: Any Mudcatters in Paris?
From: Jack Campin

I'm actually going to the klezmer event at Le Tapis Vert near Alencon and will be in Paris a bit before and after.

Le Son Continu is a campervan festival, out of the question for me.

21 Apr 17 - 04:21 AM (#3851558)
Subject: RE: Any Mudcatters in Paris?
From: Thompson

And from a Wiki about the area (run through Google Translate)

"The legacy of George Sand is celebrated every year, at the International Meetings of luthiers and masters ringers; Since 2009, they take place in the castle of Ars, in the neighboring town of Lourouer-Saint-Laurent). It is the biggest European event devoted to ancient and traditional music and instrument factors, and the first manifestation of the department of Indre. The castle was bought back in 2008. Since then, extensive restoration work has continued15.

"In 1992, the Alsatian poet-troubadour René Egles devoted one of his works to the atmosphere that emerges from these "Rencontres internationales" through the title "La Chouette de Saint Chartier". He explains it himself: "Saint-Chartier is the Mecca of the folk of France, with a throne reach of Nohant, where George Sand, the good lady of the place, resided! When the floodlights and the songs of the bagpipers, Celtic hurdy-gurdy harps and Celtic harps are lit in the dark night of Saint-Chartier, the owl of the castle unfurls its white wings and hangs over the festival. It is this atmosphere that I tried to recreate on my zither"

One of the organisers is an Irish guy living in France, mentioned
here during The Gathering as organiser of the international Rose of Tralee festival.

21 Apr 17 - 05:10 AM (#3851570)
Subject: RE: Any Mudcatters in Paris?
From: Jack Campin

I know people who go regularly. I'm sure it's great - if you've got a campervan. (Or if your kit is sufficiently minimal and weatherproof that you can carry a tent all the way from home - another category I don't belong in).