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Ballads on the brain (science)

10 Sep 17 - 12:34 PM (#3876347)
Subject: Ballads on the brain (science)
From: Pamela R

Hi all,
When I'm not singing ballads my day job is being a neuroscience researcher/professor. I have an article in press "Ballads on the Brain" in which I consider the cultural phenomenon of amateur ballad singing (as distinguished from professional performance) from a biological perspective, specifically its impact on brain circuits involved in recovering from stress, regulating emotions, and making social connections.

The publisher (EMC Imprint) is rather behind schedule in releasing the volume in which that will appear (it was due out in February) but I'll post a followup message with the link when it goes live, and would be glad to email anyone a pre-print on request.

In the meantime, however, I have given a public talk on this material under the title "The neuroscience of singing". I've now posted a video of the lecture here if anyone is interested:

Ballads on the Brain lecture

Note that although I do sing a little in the lecture, it's not a performance. My ballad singing videos are on a different channel:

Pamela San Diego channel


11 Sep 17 - 07:16 AM (#3876486)
Subject: RE: Ballads on the brain (science)

Fascinating, thank you.

18 Sep 17 - 03:12 PM (#3877545)
Subject: RE: Ballads on the brain (science)
From: GUEST,guest

Thank you it is a most interesting video of research.
I am wondering what made you choose Blooming Caroline as the example to illustrate the long song? Where and from whom did you learn that particular version?

19 Sep 17 - 04:11 AM (#3877604)
Subject: RE: Ballads on the brain (science)
From: DMcG

Very interesting indeed, and I would certainly like a copy of the pre-print when it is ready.

I happen to be someone who both stammers and has a special interest in ballads. I mainly sing much shorter songs in singarounds, because it is a bit antisocial to monopolise the session for 20 minutes, but I am certainly more drawn to the longer songs. Purely anecdotal, of course, but intriguing none the less.

19 Sep 17 - 09:25 PM (#3877740)
Subject: RE: Ballads on the brain (science)
From: leeneia

I enjoyed your informative talk.