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BS: Talk Talk contract ending.

12 Sep 17 - 12:34 PM (#3876732)
Subject: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Stanron

Has anyone ever tried to end a Talk Talk contract?. I think I might just have managed it But only after a four hour telephone call, most of it on hold, being passed from Customer Services to Managers, to Complaints, back and fourth and eventually to Cancellations.

They all tried to get me to sign up for a new contract. They all disputed the contract length. Eventually I managed to get the line rental canceled.

I think that if anyone wants to cancel in the future I would advise saying that you are moving house. I'm now knackered. It's almost enough to drive me back to drink.

12 Sep 17 - 04:10 PM (#3876748)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Steve Shaw

My mum and dad are with them. They have a bad reputation for customer service. As does BT, who we're with, an opinion I can confirm. I'ma bit slack about knowing when my contract begins and ends and what I'm supposed to be paying for, but that's all my doing. Anyone who has a mobile contract should avoid bloody Vodafone like the plague!

12 Sep 17 - 04:23 PM (#3876749)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Will Fly

I had exactly the same experience with Talk Talk, and vowed I'd never have anything to do with them again. In the end, I just kept repeating "Cancel the contract" until they gave in.


12 Sep 17 - 05:17 PM (#3876756)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Stanron

I had an eighteen month contract. Twelve cheap months followed by six expensive ones. The idea was I could renew after the first year and stay on the low rate. I'd already decided to quit so accepted the six expensive months and then they tried to stick me with a seventh. I'm still not entirely sure I've escaped the extra month. I think I have but only time will tell.

I've got a Vodafone data dongle on pay as you go and it will be way less than half the price of expensive Talk Talk and also cheaper than their cheap price. I've got a separate mobile phone for calls but I hardly ever use that anyway.

It's land line rental that is the big cost. I'm guessing that that's where all these companies rake in the money. I've been tracking my data usage for the last three weeks so I'm pretty sure of what I will use in future. I expect to save between two and three hundred pounds a year.

13 Sep 17 - 03:47 AM (#3876797)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Will Fly

My son used to work in contract marketing for several online companies, and said to me once: With the exception of cable and satellite providers such as Virgin Media and Sky, UK landlines are basically maintained by BT. If you change your internet provider, don't let them take control of the landline - keep it with BT - because if you want to change back to BT or to a service other than BT, there are extra charges involved.

We use BT for telephone and the internet and, for the most part, they've been good. They keep sending us advertising for TV and similar services, but I'm not interested in TV much anyway.

13 Sep 17 - 04:03 AM (#3876802)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Mr Red

Don't get me started on my experiences with BT.

But a friend has a BT contract to include Sport for free. And they cut it off. They will charge for sport from September. Would she like to renew the contract? At that point she started to swear. Probably citing subsidising: football, cricket, rugby, NFL, boxing, and yawn yawn.
She spent 4 hours telling them she had a contract to run to March and wanted them to honour it. Free stuff is legally part of the contract.
They came up with the immortal line that they cut her Sport because she was not using it! I often go round there to watch one thing (only) that they have a monopoly on. The only thing she watches on Sport.
The solution was to fudge three department procedures with "managers'" privilege.

Let us not wimp out when describing the situation as extortion.
She is retired so is time rich and money poor. Unlike a lot of their customers. She is still waiting to see if she is charged. Stand well back folks.

13 Sep 17 - 04:36 AM (#3876805)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: IanW

We were with BT broadband. I cancelled and moved to sky. I then received call after call telling me to come back to BT, that they would pay off my sky contact. They implied I was stupid because I couldn't understand how much better they were than sky.
One of the reasons I left was because whenever we had a problem it seemed impossible to get BT to send an engineer. I was sick of crawling around on the floor taking sockets apart and god knows what else before they eventually accepted that they needed to send someone out.
The calls eventually stopped when I told them to stop calling or I would report them for harassment.

13 Sep 17 - 10:39 AM (#3876858)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Nigel Parsons

From: IanW - PM
Date: 13 Sep 17 - 04:36 AM

We were with BT broadband. I cancelled and moved to sky. I then received call after call telling me to come back to BT, that they would pay off my sky contact.

It shows how much they are overcharging if they're prepared to buy you out of your Sky contract. They will still be making a good profit from you, just not as much as they're making from those who have never switched.

I wonder whether "money for old rope" can be updated to "Money for old cables/copper"?

13 Sep 17 - 12:11 PM (#3876877)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: punkfolkrocker

I signed up to BT mobile on a sim only contract a year ago to test it out.
A promo offer of 20 gig & unlimited 'free' calls and texts for 15 quid a month.
I've been mostly satisfied with the service...

By sheer coincidence it's up for renewal this week,
and I'll stick with it, as I've been assured I'll stay on the promo terms.

But the offer of cheaper family package of 2 sims for me and the mrs would actually work out more expensive because I'd lose the promo package
and revert to the normal more expensive one.

They tried to tempt me with 30 gig for a fiver more, and the wife then signs up for her own individual package...

I think her mobile contract with T mobile has just renewed, or may renew shortly, and may not be as good as any BT has put forward to us...???

we'll see.....

13 Sep 17 - 12:36 PM (#3876883)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Jon Freeman

No problems with Talk Talk. My memory is a bit foggy but as far as I remember, our moving away had something to do with getting all the bills including line rental in one place and a PlusNet package offered what we wanted. TalkTalk supplied a mac, the changeover was smooth and we had no more than one "sorry your leaving/ reconsider." type email.

Although they seem to get a lot of complaints, we had no problems with their service. Our speed did increase with the change but for whatever reason (perhaps TalkTalk were running with higher safety margins, perhaps it's to do with the upgrades [although firbre hasn't reached here] around the time or perhaps changes in my router again around the time…) but reliability dropped a bit. A peculiar feature that I'd only imagine could be PlusNet is that we reguarly get 10-15 minutes downtime around 11:30pm give or take ½ hour. Still, we can live with it and haven't tried complaining.

The worst we dealt with was a company called FastHosts. I was running the folkino web server at the time and after say a couple of months, their service dropped to "unusable" and we were reduced to a crawl if up at all for most of the evening. Their help was useless and we had no option but to leave. They refused the mac saying (I believe rightly, at least at the time) that it was optional and they added to my hassles caused by their non service with having to start from scratch. I don't know off hand if they still exist but if they do, I' wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

While one bad dealings. When we first tried to get on broadband with BT, they had it we were too from the (say 2 ½ -3 miles by road) exchange. It was only after we tried another company (which resulted in a BT engineer coming round to test things – it's all their cable…) that I found out the we had been on a line sharing device. Easier for BT to blsme distance at time., I guess. I've not particularly trusted them since.


Moblie btw. Using Asda PAYG. No complaints over the 6 months so far. Not that we use mobiles much, they are more for (rather loosely) emergency, etc.

13 Sep 17 - 03:41 PM (#3876908)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Jon Freeman

Rather OT

But I sort of believe the line sharing device was an improvement on the old "party line". Does anyone else remember those? We were on on of those first time round in N Wales. Pick the phone up and sometimes you could hear a neighbour chatting away.

Staying with that area. I have tried the postcode for our once address there and find it has fibre. It puzzles me a bit. I don't know which way things run and in the old days when it had 5 digit numbers (they added a 5 to all of them later, eg. 81385 became 581385) some were Deganwy and others Llandudno (and am the only one who used to answer the phone giving the exchange and number but however I look at things, it would be up a steep hill.

I don't think we'd opt for the fast speeds anyway and maybe we are just around 3 or 4 houses before you get closer to the main village but I find it difficult to imagine Cromer to Rougton harder to to than Llandudno/Deganwy, etc. to Pydew.

14 Sep 17 - 11:19 AM (#3877046)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Mr Red

Easier for BT to blsme distance at time., I guess. I've not particularly trusted them since.

They will try any excuse if they think you will believe it. If that was in a store they would be less cavalier. My reaction is to point out being an Electronic Engineer, and webmeister. It only slows them down on the incongrous blah, blah. But It gives me more time to process their lies.

15 Sep 17 - 10:49 AM (#3877194)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: MikeL2


over the years I have used several suppliers.

Having gone to BT whilst they are not perfect they are by far the best I have had.

Like Steve I don't really know EXACTLY what I pay for but everything's
ok. We have had few problems They keep us well informed. Like Will I think they do seem to send advertisements far too often.



16 Sep 17 - 07:57 AM (#3877286)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Mr Red

BT have some pretty cavalier rules in place.

So cavalier in fact the trading standards office & Offcom would be interested if there weren't even more amoral practices creeping in all the time.

What BT do will appear in their competitors, and vice versa. Hence the need for Offcom.

I am with the Phone Coop and all I see there is a willingness to be the good guys, it is a mantra and from what I see - fact.

16 Sep 17 - 08:08 AM (#3877287)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: DMcG

"Free stuff is legally part of the contract". Not BT, but I had an interesting discussion with British Airways about the difference between things that are included (and therefore part of the contract) and things that are complementary (and therefore they feel no obligation to provide). From the consumers side - assuming you get them - there is no apparent difference. It is only when they don't arrive you discover the difference ...

18 Sep 17 - 03:41 PM (#3877548)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Stanron

Got a letter from Talk Talk. The leaving bill will be £12.23, and if I decide to change my mind it will be waived. No chance. I'm now using a Vodafone pay-as-you-go mobile broadband dongle. No contract and less than half the price. So far, so good. There was a ten day kerfuffle over 15 gig of missing data, but when my previous data bundle expired the 15 gig appeared. Fingers crossed for the future.

Incidentally, for those of you who are computer savvy, I have been keeping a check on my data use using a program called vnstsat. This just returns zero with the mobile broadband. Can it be configured to show data use with mobile broadband or is there an alternative?

18 Sep 17 - 05:16 PM (#3877563)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: DaveRo

You need to change the interface being monitored. I would expect a mobile modem to be ppp0 - you could use ifconfig to find out what yours is.

There's an -i parameter to the vnstat command, or you can put it in a config file

18 Sep 17 - 05:57 PM (#3877570)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Stanron

Thanks for that link. I have some reading to do.

18 Sep 17 - 06:37 PM (#3877580)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Tattie Bogle

Changed to Virginmedia about 3-4 years ago: dire warnings from BT re re-connection charges if we changed our minds. We are now supposedly on superfast (100mB) broadband, but when I test it on Thinkbroadband, it doesn't quite reach those dizzy heights: however, far superior to what we had before (AOL on a BT line.)
We have landline (anytime calls), broadband and basic TV package from them, and they've just announced a further price rise for November, taking us to nearly £70 per month: think it's time to do a bit of price negotiation? Don't want to leave, as it has been reliable, and on the 2 occasions we needed help, an engineer was there same or next day. "You get what you pay for" even if it's not cheap!
I don't use their mobile phone service: like Jon, I use PAYG on ASDA mobile tariff: £10 lasts me about 2-3 months, as I mainly only use the phone for calls and texts. One irritation is that they "don't support" 5- figure text numbers, but I can live with that.
And I have a 3 simcard in my iPad which costs £10 for 1GB which lasts up to a month, for when there's no Wifi to use (I avoid any unsecured free Wifi!)

19 Sep 17 - 02:30 AM (#3877589)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: DaveRo

they "don't support" 5- figure text numbers,
These are usually called 'premium numbers' - used for giving to charities, competitions, etc. Many operators put a bar on them by default, but you can usually ask for it to be removed. Not that I would if I were you - some are very expensive.

19 Sep 17 - 04:33 AM (#3877614)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Mr Red

My mobile service is with GiffGaff PAYG. Usage is about £5 over 3 months. When I was with Orange/EE I kept the "Racoon" package until they announced they would double the costs to 35p/minute, 15p texts.

Now I don't have to have 40 years experience as an Electronic Engineer to figure that texts use about 1-2 seconds of data, they give them away free in the 1000's to other packages. More rip-off Brittain. It wasn't about the money per se, it was the texts that took a week to be delivered that pissed me off. Holding on to texts makes them more expensive, so why do it?

GiffGaff are way cheaper, their website can do far more than just top-up, it allows myriad settings. EE's was adverts, adverts, and top-up (if you could find it), and nothing else! GiffGaff e-mail with my usage each month and text me with my balance after each call/text so I never get caught out with no credit.

GiffGaff the page looks like you get a deal to start with now, but after the first month it devolves to PAYG, or you can set it to.

19 Sep 17 - 08:52 AM (#3877663)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: DaveRo

giffgaff if OK for phone calls and texts - I still use it as a backup SIM - but it's very unreliable for data. I'm in no doubt that it gets lower priority than O2's own customers on the O2 network. My wife had it in her iphone for a couple of years and often couldn't get data even when the signal was good. If you google you'll find many people report the same.

This may also be true of other Virtual Network Operators, such as Asda on EE - though I always found Virgin (which was the very first Virtual Network, on T-mobile) to be reliable.

So if you rely on data, I would choose the network owner's own SIM.

19 Sep 17 - 09:11 AM (#3877667)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Dave the Gnome

Been with Plusnet for just over a year and while they are good I was looking for better value. We currently have standard broadband + line rental + some free calls + calls that are not free. Been averaging in the upper £30's last few months.

Gone for a deal with Vodafone. 78Mbps fibre, free anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles and 300 minutes of free international calls. £37. I approached Plusnet to see if they could match that but they said the best they could do for the same deal was £38-odd. Wouldn't you have thought they would have matched Vodafone? They did say they would charge £30 to leave but as Vodafone have already said they would pay any leaving charges up to £100 that was not an issue.

I'll let you know how it goes after Oct 5th!


19 Sep 17 - 09:18 AM (#3877668)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Jon Freeman

I'm more like £5-10 per year on mobile usage and I guess usage is similar on the other 2 phones. At least usually, dad's and mum's spells in hospital this year for example did increase the usage for a while.

I try to avoid mobile data usage but have connected from home which isn't the best of areas for signals on the ASDA SIM (to get the other side of my router) without problem.

One thing I did notice with mobiles and data is back from when I was with T Mobile. I'd written something that gave a sort of live view of what was on and motion sensors in the house and found T Mobile wouldn't work with the web sockets. Not sure if that still would be a problem but did read that sort of problem was fairly common at the time.

19 Sep 17 - 09:53 AM (#3877672)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: punkfolkrocker

Beware losing your Tesco pay as you go sim [may apply to other providers...???]

My mum has lost her mobile, she is 85 and has dementia....
It could be hidden anywhere in the house, or accidently binned and in a land fill...??????
I searched but couldn't find it.

She had it for emergency calls, and was told many times to never switch it off...
Which of course she did, so I couldn't ring it to locate if it was anywhere in the house...

Man in Tesco mobile mini shop said it would be possible we could get a replacement sim so as not to lose the credit.

I phoned Tesco mobile, and a very helpful assistant said she'd help as best she could, but I'd need to pass security checks.

I explained the situation, estimated the amount of remaining credit, provided 3 numbers that would definitely have been logged calling the sim
[she could not verify that I had stated correct numbers due to data protection],
and asked for any suggestions how I could further prove ownership of the sim..

The assistant said "unfortunately you have failed security checks and cannot have a replacement, but we can block the sim to prevent fraud.."
I believe she was sincerely sorry, and genuinely understanding..

But I failed because I could not state the exact amount of credit,
dates of credit top ups, and exact amounts of credit purchases...

Info which cannot possibly be verified due to mother's dementia...!!!

All totally impossible & unreasonable hurdles which allow Tesco to keep my mum's credit [approx £40] and profit off the misfortunes of an elderly vulnerable customer...

I will pursue this further out of sheer bloody mindedness and dislike of corporate indifference and greed...

19 Sep 17 - 10:14 AM (#3877675)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: DaveRo

The rules are designed to prevent Sim_Swap_Fraud. The mobile operators have recently tightened up on providing replacement SIMs after some_well-publicised_thefts.

And if possible avoid banks which authorises payments by sending an SMS to your phone. The system is inherently insecure.

19 Sep 17 - 10:31 AM (#3877677)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Jon Freeman

I'd have thought to cancel one SIM and transer credit to another should be easier than that pfr. I'd not be able to give that for my phone. I just get a reminder text when I'm down to the last £??? and am likely to top up with £20 in cash.

Loosing phones, etc, happens here but not often with mobiles. Mine lives in my room, mum's were she charges it and the other sort of double between being dad's if there is a rare need but mostly sitting in a glove box in the car - forgetting to take one out is the bigger problem here. The Dect phones often get mixed up or you go in search of one and find say living room and study ones both in the kitchen.

Most likely loss would sort of be related. It started after a couple of falls but we us walkie talkies if someone is outside (actually quite useful anyway in our sprawling garden area). Mum has mislaid hers a couple of times but fortunately they have been on and the call button plus some walking around has retrieved them to date...

19 Sep 17 - 10:48 AM (#3877679)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: DaveRo

You can get little devices - 'smart tags' or 'tiles' - which you can attached to a keyring, put in a glasses case or wallet, or I suppose glue to a phone, which allow you to locate it using an smart phone app. They work by bluetooth - so you have to be within about 30 metres of it.

BTW some of them say you cannot replace the batteries. This may be untrue - my son prised one apart and replaced the battery.

19 Sep 17 - 11:00 AM (#3877684)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Jon Freeman

I don't think I did it in the end, Dave but I did wonder about the battery on what had been my Nexus 2012 tablet and is now something mum (mostly) plays a few patience card game on before bed... As I think we might have been through with fitting a sdd in my Asus laptop, youtube can hold an answer to at least some of these problems/tasks. I did find one on opening that particular tablet.

I've not looked up my current Wiley Fox phone.

19 Sep 17 - 11:25 AM (#3877690)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: punkfolkrocker an aside.. Mobile Phones marketed as specifically for elderly users are ok enough with the big buttons
and supposedly easier operating systems..

But I have yet to find one that allows an option for the 'power off' button to be disabled and locked.

That should be an essential feature...!!!!!

19 Sep 17 - 11:44 AM (#3877695)
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
From: Jon Freeman

Actually that would make a lot of sense, esp in your situation.

Not using the big button things here btw. And not dealing with more than general old age (including it seems my own approaching old age... etc.) infirmities here (though dad can have short periods of confusion that we believe are a past stroke related and more likely to come on when tired or stressed). Other mobile phones in use are my old ACE 2, handed down to mum and a basic Nokia which will go 2 weeks (I gather the old famous now revamped does more) left on in the car without charging.