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Origins: Young Girl - Colin Dryden?

07 Apr 23 - 02:36 AM (#4169420)
Subject: Origins: Young Girl - Colin Dryden?
From: Daniel Kelly

I know that Colin Dryden sang this song (thanks to the
recording his niece, Naomi published), but does anyone know if he wrote it?

Searches for the title or snippets of the lyrics haven't turned anything up. Naomi has listed the author as 'Colan Campbell' (Colin?) but there is another song with the same name by a Colin Campbell, and it's isn't this one. I know another Colin Campbell was involved in the group 'Extradition' with Colin Dryden, so maybe that is the confusion source?

My best guess at the lyrics below:
Smoke your cigarette and put your hand upon my shoulder,
Smile at me and part your lips, make pretend you’re older,
Than the years that you really are.

Walk your walk across the porch, brush upon you swearing,
Flip your skits a little more, Watch the boys all staring,
Then you cry, as you really are.

Little girl in big girl’s clothes, Eyes that sparkle brightly,
Face that shows you sit for hours, before your mirror nightly,
But you’re fine, as you really are.

You don’t need the likes of me, I’m not even lonely,
Satisfy your vanity, with someone who can’t know dear,
Just how young, that you really are.

And a recording I did to celebrate finally presenting my research on Colin to the National Folklore Conference yesterday here.

13 May 24 - 05:24 PM (#4202469)
Subject: RE: Origins: Young Girl - Colin Dryden?
From: Joe Offer

refresh: needs work

13 May 24 - 05:47 PM (#4202471)
Subject: RE: Origins: Young Girl - Colin Dryden?
From: GUEST,Bradfordian

It has been confirmed (according to Naomi Dryden-Smith) that Colin did write this, his fourth song* composition
Daniel Kelly has covered this (on YouTube)
There is also a recording of Colin himself singing this song on soundcloud.

(Joe, if you want to edit..)
Couple of typos in verse 2:end of line 1 you=your; line 2 skits=skirts;

* Colin composed the tune for his version of “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” (Oscar Wilde)

13 May 24 - 07:42 PM (#4202479)
Subject: RE: Origins: Young Girl - Colin Dryden?
From: Sandra in Sydney

Colan Campbell posted on Mudcat a number of times on this thread Ballad of Reading Gaol

Since I posted on that thread my Extradition CD has developed a nasty static on the song ICE & I haven't played it for a long time (memo to self - ask techy friends if they can can clean it up & make me a new CD)