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Tune Req: Grateful Dead banjo tab

26 May 00 - 01:18 PM (#234348)
Subject: Grateful Dead's rebirthing......
From: GUEST,polarbear

I've tackled the cyberworld, seached the music shops and consulted with friends. However, Grateful Dead tabs for the banjo appear to be nonexistant. I've heard many a Dead tunes picked on banjo, mandolin, ect...and would love to pick the tunes myself. If anyone knows how or where to find these tabs, I could use the tips! PEACE, polarbear

26 May 00 - 03:05 PM (#234434)
Subject: RE: Grateful Dead's rebirthing......
From: Dave Swan

Polar Bear,

I can't help you with tab, but I can turn you on to some great interpretation of the Dead's work.

Soon to be in record shops near you, pick up a copy Wake the Dead, a Celtic Celebration of the Grateful Dead, by Uncle Shaun's Band. It's Dead tunes played on traditional Irish instruments. Jigs and reels fill the breaks. Uncle Shaun's Band tore the place up at Lark in the Morning's World Music & Dance Festival at the Cannery in San Francisco last weekend.

Old friend Danny Carnahan plays fiddle and sings. Here's the rest of the impressive line-up: Maureen Brennan, Cindy Browne, Kevin Carr, Sylvia Herrold, Paul Katopish.

The album, released on the Greatful Dead label, with their endorsement, will be worth your time and money.



26 May 00 - 03:12 PM (#234443)
Subject: RE: Grateful Dead's rebirthing......
From: GUEST,polarbear

Dave, I'll be sure to check it out! You might be interested in a new tribute out now-"pick'in on the Dead". It's an excellant blugrass tribute, sure to be enjoyed. David west pick banjo and does justice to the Dead!

peace, polarbear

27 May 00 - 02:57 AM (#234694)
Subject: RE: Grateful Dead's rebirthing......
From: Peter Kasin

Just to second Dave's motion, the Lark gig they did was tremendous. The great arrangements and the very high level of musicianship made it such a great gig. The audience was swaying to it, and most had a smile throughout the gig. The spirit and good feeling was there.

27 May 00 - 07:22 AM (#234713)
Subject: RE: Grateful Dead's rebirthing......
From: Willie-O

Uncle Shaun's Band? I guess it was inevitable...but shouldn't Van Morrison and probably The Chieftains be involved?

Some Dead tunes work so naturally on bluegrass instruments, like Friend of the Devil (Dave Grisman played the mandolin part on American Beauty, with his usual impeccable tasteful understatement) and Cumberland Blues. Others are a bit more of a stretch to imagine. But hey, they're a jamming band. Get the chords from the sheet music, if needed, and just play what sounds right.