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new cd - Cindy Kallet: This Way Home

20 Nov 00 - 12:07 AM (#343781)
Subject: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: Filley

While we're on the subject of new cds -- I'm hooked on the new Cindy Kallet one, "this way home" -- have been playing one cut all day -- it's called "Shallow Brown," but she's got some riff in the middle of it that's interesting. Anyone know the origin of the song? The words in the version on Mudcat are a lot differentfrom hers. Anyone know anyone else who sings the song?

20 Nov 00 - 11:17 AM (#343964)
Subject: RE: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: Turtle

Whoooo-eeee! Cindy Kallet's new cd is out??!! That's fabulous news. She is one of my all-time favorites. Have you heard the two trio albums she did with Ellen Epstein & Michael Cicone? Those are fine listening, too. Michael told me last spring that they were going tostart work on another one once Cindy's new solo cd was out. Something else to look forward to!

Brief pause for jubilation . . .

Shallow Brown has been recorded by June Tabor, on what I think is her most recent cd, has been out 2 or 3 years, called Aleyn. The liner notes give some information about the song--unfortunately I don't have them here at work, but I think I remember that it's from the African-American Gullah culture of the South Carolina or Georgia Sea Islands.

Wish I could tell you more, but that's all I know without consulting the source. It's a gorgeous song, and of course June Tabor's version of it is stunning. I can hardly wait to hear Cindy Kallet sing it.


20 Nov 00 - 03:55 PM (#344123)
Subject: RE: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: Dan Schatz

Cindy took the traditional shanty and made another song around it, as I recall - more of a lyric piece about Roseanna that goes into the heart of this relationship. It's a fine piece of work, and I'm ecstatic to hear she's released it on CD.


20 Nov 00 - 05:27 PM (#344169)
Subject: RE: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: dick greenhaus

You can buy it at Camsco

20 Nov 00 - 06:37 PM (#344204)
Subject: RE: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: Pelrad

I haven't heard her new cd yet, but I do have a live recording of the Shallow Brown song shortly after she wrote it. If it's much the same as her original, it is an absolutely stunning piece. I got the chills and cried every time I heard it for about a year. I tried to tell her how much I liked it, but started bawling and couldn't get the words out. Wow.

I'm not sure where she got her version of Shallow Brown (the traditional chantey), but she definitely wrote the part where the man talks about "my Julianna, my life, my aching."

21 Nov 00 - 11:31 AM (#344547)
Subject: RE: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: Dan Schatz

Did I say Roseanna? I meant Julianna. Ah well - a good song, nonetheless.


21 Nov 00 - 05:36 PM (#344764)
Subject: RE: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: Marymac90

Aside to Ken Schatz--Welcome to Mudcat!!!!!! I'm so glad you made it. I'll bring YOUR cd to the radio show tonight, and it'll get played if Max'll cooperate. Anybody want to hear Ken's cd, actually NexTradition's? Bug Max!



22 Nov 00 - 12:19 PM (#345177)
Subject: RE: new cd - Cindy Kallet
From: KathWestra

Hey MaryMac, that was DAN Schatz, Ken's brother and another fine singer (and songwriter!).

Read the liner notes to Cindy's new CD and you'll know about the song. The version of "Shallow Brown" Cindy sings is the usual tune and many of the usual verses, beautifully sung by Cindy with Will Brown (another fine Maine singer) doing vocal harmonies. The song that's woven into the middle is called "Cargo," and is written from the perspective of a slave who's being shipped away from Africa, away from his wife Julianna and his baby. It is an incredible piece of songwriting that moved me to tears on first hearing.

The CD includes a booklet with extensive notes and words to all the songs. Both Camsco and Folk Legacy sell it. If you order through the Mudcat, Mudcat gets a cut (really important these days -- see separate thread about banner ads). Kathy