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Sandy Denny:Documentary Film

02 Apr 98 - 11:25 AM (#24972)
Subject: Sandy Denny:Documentary Film

Scene, we are a husband & wife Indy. producing team living & loving in Big L.A. PLEASE, could any member or folk music afficinado help us locate any archive photos, print or clips relevant to Sandy Denny. Its been 20yrs. since she left this earth and we are languished in pre-production. Our seed money has not trickled-in as of yet. But with god on our side, this project will reach fruition. We are 10 years after PBS, experienced, determined and have our goal set on this pet project. We have already mortgaged the house & maxed-out our credit cards (in jest)Looking for seed money for this project. Calling all angels! searching. George&Vicki Angelo A Story Untold Productions

02 Apr 98 - 12:29 PM (#24973)
Subject: RE: Sandy Denny:Documentary Film
From: Will

You are probably familiar with the following site, which has Sandy Denny bio information and links.

02 Apr 98 - 04:01 PM (#24981)
Subject: RE: Sandy Denny:Documentary Film
From: Dan Keding

I would check "Dirty Linen" a folk magazine. I heard that they originally started as a fan magazine for Fairport Convention, Sandy's old band. email:

Look forward to seeing your work, Sandy is still one of my favorite singers.

02 Apr 98 - 04:08 PM (#24983)
Subject: RE: Sandy Denny:Documentary Film
From: Helen


Good luck with this project, and make sure you make it available to the Australian market (please) because I love her work too. Sorry I can't help with your research, but you've asked the right people here at Mudcat. Have you tried some of the folk music newsgroups on the internet?