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version of 'the cuckoo'

11 Jun 02 - 05:28 AM (#727375)
Subject: version of 'the cuckoo'
From: GUEST,Gurney

I'd like to find a set of words for an (I think) Irish version of "the Cuckoo." It is nostalgic for somewhere called BonCloudy/BonClaudy, and a fragment is "If I were a scholar and could write a fine hand, I would write unto my loved one, so that she would understand..." Heard it 30 years ago in Coventry. Ta.

11 Jun 02 - 05:51 AM (#727387)
Subject: RE: version of 'the cuckoo'
From: George Seto -

It sounds like one of the lines out of the song "If I were A Blackbird".

HEre are some of the Mudcat links: If I Were A Blackbird
If I Were A Blackbird
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11 Jun 02 - 06:02 AM (#727389)
Subject: RE: version of 'the cuckoo'
From: fogie

Its Buncloudy, and its in the Whistle and Sing book. I'm sorry I dont have access to the words here and now .

11 Jun 02 - 06:31 AM (#727396)
Subject: RE: version of 'the cuckoo'
From: masato sakurai

"THE MAID FROM BUNCLOUDY" was posted by Stewie HERE.


11 Jun 02 - 09:42 AM (#727502)
Subject: RE: version of 'the cuckoo'
From: Malcolm Douglas

Another set, with staff notation, can be seen at Cranford Publications.  It came from the piper Chris Langan; there is no mention of his source.


Bunclo[u]dy is mentioned at several points in a longish discussion here of the possible origins of Pretty Saro:

Info on Pretty Saro?

My post towards the end of that thread includes a link to a broadside copy of the 19th. century.