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New CD - Silent Majority (G.Papavgeris)

18 Mar 03 - 08:17 AM (#912438)
Subject: New CD - Silent Majority (G.Papavgeris)
From: George Papavgeris

I've been nagged about this a lot, and I am one month late, but at last my third CD, "Silent Majority", is being released on 28th March 2003 under UNLaBELLED Records, a new subsidiary label of Robb Johnson's Irregular Records, catalog number UNLaBEL001. All songs copyright 2003 G.Papavgeris. The playlist includes:

1.Hello and Goodbye
2.The flowers and the guns
3.It takes a soldier
4.Lowestoft Rock
5.Silent majority
6.Sailors don't know how to cry
7.Poor scullery maid
9.Look away
11.Circles in the air
12.The bogeyman under my bed
13.What life for a soldier

For orders for this, or either of my first two CDs (see Mudcatter CD's Permathread for details), please PM me or email with your address details. Cost is UK pounds 10 or US dollars 15 - p&p absorbed for Mudcatter orders.

For lyrics, again please PM or email me - they are all held in MS Word.

And, to quote a mate, my CDs come with a cast-iron guarantee. If you buy one of my CDs and don't like it, please send it back - and I will send you one I don't like!

18 Mar 03 - 08:35 AM (#912445)
Subject: RE: New CD - Silent Majority (G.Papavgeris)
From: Harry Basnett

Thanks for the info. , George..and I love the CD returns gag...

kali tihi .

Harry Basnett.

18 Mar 03 - 08:55 AM (#912468)
Subject: RE: New CD - Silent Majority (G.Papavgeris)
From: My guru always said

Excellent news George, and about time too! will bring dosh to the ChrisHilID evening :-)

18 Mar 03 - 10:20 AM (#912547)
Subject: RE: New CD - Silent Majority (G.Papavgeris)
From: George Papavgeris

Efharisto, Harry.
Guru, I can't distribute before the 28th March because "Circles in the air" is entered into the Maidenhead Songwriting Competition (27th March), and must remain unpublished till then...But I am putting your name down - you're number 14 in my new order book (Chris is No 1, she came very fast off the blocks!)

18 Mar 03 - 10:22 AM (#912552)
Subject: RE: New CD - Silent Majority (G.Papavgeris)
From: My guru always said

No problem George as long as I'm on the list. Maybe I could practise 'Bogeyman' to sing out at Manchester this weekend, it'll whet their appetites :-)

18 Mar 03 - 07:34 PM (#913004)
Subject: RE: New CD - Silent Majority (G.Papavgeris)
From: breezy

its got some really cracking songs on it.
I like ''Lowestoft Rock', about the demise of the fishing fleet in Aug 2002, 'Circles in the air',bout a little boy going to the fun fair, 'Vassiliki', bout his grandfather falling in love.
Any singer looking for material,should listen to George Papavgeris, well crafted, tuneful and great choruses.
He should be at the Comfort Hotel in St Albans this Friday 21st March, playing support for Leon Rosselson.