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Lyr Add: Tennessee Waltz (Homer & Jethro parody)

28 Aug 98 - 01:56 AM (#36202)
Subject: Lyr Add: TENNESSEE WALTZ #2 (Homer & Jethro)
From: Gene

This song was imbedded in an older post.

Recorded by Homer & Jethro
Original words and Music by Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart

I was dancin' - with my darlin'
To the Tennessee Waltz
At the annual Fireman's Ball
All the people - they was starin'
Because my girl wuz wearin'
A newspaper dress - that was all.

Oh! she had comic strips
From her knees to her hips
Where her want ads were - I can't recall
Then her dress - it caught on fire
And it burned her entire
Front Page, Sports Section and all.

31 Aug 98 - 01:32 AM (#36547)
Subject: RE: ADD LYR: Tennessee Waltz/Homer & Jethro

please email me the gif notes to tennesee waltz thanks

31 Aug 98 - 03:09 PM (#36601)
Subject: RE: ADD LYR: Tennessee Waltz/Homer & Jethro
From: Joe Offer

Hi, GH. We don't have GIF versions of the songs that are here. However, somebody who's apparently in England has done a wonderful job of making our tunes available in a variety of formats, including GIF. The site is called "Yet Another Digital Tradition." Take a look: (click here)
-Joe Offer-