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DT Criteria?

10 Mar 99 - 07:43 AM (#62209)
Subject: DT Criteria?
From: Neil Lowe (inactive)

What are the criteria for lyrics to be submitted to the Digital Tradition database? Would songs that definitely fit into the folk genre by artists that are not traditionally known as folk artists (e.g., Todd Rundgren or Neil Young)qualify for inclusion? And how about the new wave of folkies like Beth Orton and Ani DiFranco - do their songs qualify?

10 Mar 99 - 10:35 AM (#62226)
Subject: RE: DT Criteria?
From: catspaw49

Not Neil Young!!!I don't give a damn, submit Barry Manilow jingles, a heartfelt love song from Tiny Tim to Miss Vicki, Bob Dole singing about Erectile Dysfuntion to the tune on "God Bless America" while shagging a sheep, anything but Neil Young. It helps to be a bit insane in the business, but he passed insane several hundred miles back! He may have 6 strings, but he's at least a dozen frets short of a fingerboard...and his bridge popped off some time back. I may be terminally weird myself, but this F****R succumbed to the disease many moons ago. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Respectfully Yours,

10 Mar 99 - 02:21 PM (#62274)
Subject: RE: DT Criteria?
From: dick greenhaus

The DT officially defines a folk song as one that someone likes enough to submit.

Please note: this is the DTs definition, and not my own personal one.