(Mark Graham)

Rufus could play the piano
And he drove an American car.
He worked nine to sundown
In an office downtown
To save us from nuclear war.
Beverly came from Seattle,
Played the mouth harp quite well, so they say.
She used to write songs
In an old-timey style
In hopes she could sell them one day.

Rufus and Bev became sweethearts
And nature would not be denied.
They did the things lovers do under the covers
As happy as clams at high tide.
Then one morning said Rufus to Beverly,
As they lay in the fondest embrace,
"Dear, I have to confess
With some minor distress
There's an issue I fear we must face.

"For this body you see here before you
Was once more like yours than like mine,
And I sought the compliance of medical science
To change to the sex masculine."
Beverly stared back in amazement,
Then said, "Rufus, don't rue what you've done.
For I have surrendered a masculine gender
For this other more feminine one."

So, these lovers went back to their passions,
And their passions were scarcely diffused.
And the knot was soon tied, though deep down inside,
They were ever so slightly confused.

Recorded by Bryan Bowers on "For You," 1982,
and by the Rude Girls on "Mixed Messages," 1990.
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