(Ian Tyson)

Should have seen it in your eyes. I could never read those eyes.
So lost in love was I, they'd always take me by surprise.
You were dreaming of the Southland. Ah, your love comes and goes.
It's just like the weather, babe. Only heaven really knows.

Cho: Just like springtime in Alberta: warm sunny days, endless skies of blue.
Then, without a warning, another winter storm comes raging through.
And the mercury's fallin'; I'm left all alone.
Just like springtime in Alberta chills me to the bone.

I can see the storm clouds comin'. Lord, they're dark across the sky.
The same look that I've seen so many times when I've looked into your eyes.
So I'll turn up my old collar, pull my hat way down low.
Wind's getting colder now dropping down to near zero. (Chorus)

Springtime in Alberta chills me to the bone.

Ian Tyson, Slick Fork Music, 1990.
Recorded by Ian Tyson on "And Stood There Amazed," 1991.
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