They were climbing on the arches when the rotten log gave way,
They fell into the Ahwahneea a mile or so away
It so annoyed the patrons that they all refused to pay,
And they ain't gonna pay no more

CHO: Gory, gory, what a nasty thing to do, (3x)
And they ain't gonna pay no more,

The manager awoke to find a piton thru his head,
The whiskey Baron's daughter found a stranger in her bed.
She was very disappointed when she found out he was dead,
And they ain't gonna pay no more,

The rotten log came crashing thru the mirror by the bar
14 drunks swore off for life and promptly traveled far,
The splintered end impaled Itself deep down into the ground
And little dogs would visit it from miles and miles around,
And they ain't gonna pay no more

(with apologies to L. Taylor)

@death @outingclub
filename[ GORYCLI2
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