Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep
But it's not too bad.
I don't worry and I don't weep
In fact, I'm glad.

Because I get up off my pillow and I flip on the light
I get down and get hip in the middle of the night
I scratch and I yawn and then I breathe real deep
And dance myself to sleep

I hoof around my bedding just a 'tapping my toes
Before I know what's happenin' I'm a-ready to doze
Got some partners I can count on called the Boogie-Woogie Sheep
I dance myself to sleep.

I gently rock and roll myself across the floor
I turn and then I toss and then I start to snore
My trusty little bugle helps me spread the news
That I'm a-tappin' two taps and I'm a-rarin' to snooze.

Well I'm gettin' kind of drowsy so the moment has come
To grab my rubber duckie while the sheep take my chum.
Time to shuffle off to dreamland got a date to keep
We'll dance ourselves to sleep.

Oh yeah...

Wearin' my jammies....
And thank you lammie...
We'll dance ourselves to sleep.

From Sesame Street
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