As I went out to Derby, upon a market day
I spied the biggest ram, sir, that ever was fed on hay

Hey ringle dangle, hey ringle day
It was the biggest ram, sir, that ever was fed on hay

[alternate chorus:
[Didn't he ramble, ramble
[He rambled up and down
[All over the town
[Didn't he ramble, ramble
[He rambled 'til the butcher cut him down]

The horns upon this ram, sir, they reached up to the moon
A lad went up in April and didn't get down 'til June

The fleece upon this ram, sir, it reached up to the sky
The eagles made their nests there, you could hear the young 'uns

And all the boys of Derby come begging for his eyes
To kick around the streets, sir, 'cause they was football size

And all the women of Derby come begging for his ears
To make 'em leather aprons to last 'em forty years

And all the men of Derby come begging for his tail
To ring St. George's passing bell from the top of Derby jail

It took all the boys of Derby to carry away his bones
Took all the maids of Derby to roll away his stones

Now the butcher that killed this ram, sir, he was up to his
thighs in blood
The boy that held the basin was washed away in the flood

And now my song is over, I've got no more to say
Just give us eggs and brandy and we'll be on our way

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even found in Mother Goose
recorded by John and Tony on Dark Ships
DT #312
filename[ DERBYRAM
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