"Good morning Mister Railroad man.
What time do your trains toll by?"
"At nine-sixteen and two-forty-four
And twenty five minutes till five."

"It's nine-sixteen and two-forty-four,
Twenty-five minutes till five,
Thank you Mr. Railroad man,
I want to watch your trains roll by."

Standing on a platform,
Smoking a cheap cigar
Waiting for an old freight-train
That carries an empty car.

Well, l pulled my hat down over my eyes,
And l walked across the track,
And I caught me the end of an old freight-train,
And I never did come back.

I sat down in a gamblin' game,
And I could not play my hand,
Just thinkin' about that woman I love
Run away with another man.

Run away with another man, poor boy
Run away with another man,
I was thinking about that woman that l love,
Run away with another man.

Note: a sort of montage of pieces of Poor By and Danville Girl RG
Recorded by Cisco Houston. Also, I think, Woody Guthrie
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