There was an old man came over the Lea,
Ha-ha-ha-ha! but I won't have him.
He came over the Lea,
A-courting to me,
With his grey beard newly-shaven.

My mother she bid me open the door:
I opened the door, and he fell on the floor.
My mother she bid me set him a stool:
I set him a stool, and he looked like a fool.

My mother she bid me give him some beer
I gave him some beer,
And he thought it good cheer.

My mother she bid me cut him some bread:
I cut him some bread,
And I threw't at his head.

My mother she bid me light him to bed.
I lit him to bed
And wished he were dead.

My mother she bid me tell him to rise:
I told him to rise,
And he opened his eyes.

My mother she bid me take him to church:
I took him to church,
And left him in the lurch;
With his grey beard newly-shaven.

This is a version of the Baillie of Berwick, which will be found in the Local Hi
storian's Table-Book. It was originally obtained from Morpeth, and communicated
by W. H. Longstaffe, Esq., of Darlington, who says, 'in many respects the Bailli
e of Berwick is the better edition - still mine may furnish an extra stanza or t
wo, and the ha! ha! ha! is better than heigho, though the notes suit either vers

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