1. Oh why don't you work like other men do?
How in hell can I work when there's no work to do?

2. Oh why don't you save all the money you earn?
Well if I didn't eat, I'd have money to burn.

3. Oh, I like my boss, he's a good friend of mine,
And that's why I'm standing out in the breadline.

4. I can't buy a job 'cause I ain't got the dough
So I ride in a boxcar 'cause I'm a hobo.

5. I went to a house and I knocked on the door,
The lady said, "Scram, bum, you've been here before!"

7. I went to a bar and I asked for a drink,
They gave me a glass and they showed me the sink.

8. Oh why don't you work like other folks do?
How can I get a job when you're holding down two?

9. Whenever I get all the money I earn,
The boss will be broke and to work he must turn.

"Hobo parody of the last century, adapted by Spokane IWW in the
winter of 1908 for use on song card of that year, preceding
songbooks." - from 35th ed. of Little Red Songbook: except verses
5-8; Sandburg 184.

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