I never thought that my love would leave me
Until that morning when he came in
He sat down and I sat beside him
'Twas then our troubles they did begin

Oh love is pleasing and love is teasing
And love is a pleasure when first it's new
But love grows older and grows quite colder
And fades away like the morning dew

There is a tavern in yon town
And there my love goes and he sits down
He takes a dark girl on his knee
And tells her what he once told me

There is a blackbird sits on yon tree
Some say he's blind and cannot see
Some say he's blind and cannot see
And so is my false love to me

I wish my father had never whistled
I wish my mother had never sung
I wish the cradle had never rocked me
I wish I'd died, love, when I was young

recorded by June Tabor on "Abyssinians" (1983)

The second verse also serves as a chorus for the
song "Love Is Pleasing" (recorded by The Dubliners)

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