(Mark Spoelstra)

Oh the first time he ever rode a pony
It was all along the Rio Hondo wash
He was just a lad at ten years old and proud
Cause he held the reins and rode all by himself

The sides of Rio Hondo are a jungle
You may lose your way with just one careless glance
But his mom and dad were so proud of him when
The horse and rider both came smiling home

By the time this noble cowboy reached eleven
Wrapped in paper all the way from Mexico
Came a birthday present it didn't cost much you know
But to him his first guitar was solid gold

It seems just yesterday he reached his manhood
And at sweet sixteen true love don't sink it swims
He loved her more than he could ever tell her
But she knew his old guitar was his best friend

Oh the first time he ever crossed the ocean
With trembling hands we waved goodby to him
And next to the rifle on his shoulder
All the way from Mexico was his best friend

Oh the postman seemed so strange and cold last Monday
When he handed us a package through the door
Then we saw the shattered wood of an old guitar
On one piece was carved the words "make love not war"

Oh the first time he ever rode a pony.....

Copyright Mark Spoelstra
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