"I'm a forester in these woods an' ye're the same design
It's the mantle o' your maidenhead, bonnie lassie, never mind"

And sing diddy i o, sing fal a do, sing diddy i o i ay

"Since ye've laid me doon, come pick me up again
An' since ye've ta'en the wiles o' me, come tell tae me your name

"Sometimes they ca' me James, an' sometimes they ca' me John
But when I'm on the King's highway, Young William is my name"

"They neither ca' you James, nor dae they ca' you John
But when you're on the King's highway Young Gilbert is your name"

When he heard his name cried oot, he's mounted on his steed
But she's buckled up her petticoats an' after him she's gaed

He rad an' she ran the lang simmer's day
Until they came tae a water, it was ca'ed the River Spey

"Dae ye see the castle standin in yonder green
An dae ye see the maidens there that would dazzle your e'en?"

"I can see the castle standing in yonder green
An yes, I can see the maidens there, the prettiest ever seen"

"The water it's o'er deep, my love, I fear ye canna wade"
Afore he got his horse well oot, she was at the ither side

Noo she's in afore the King, bowed doon upon a knee
"There's a chancellor in your court an' he has robbit me"

"Well did he steal your mantle or did he steal your fee
Or did he steal your maidenheid, the flower of your body?"

"He didna steal my mantle, nor did he steal my fee
But yes, he stole my maidenheid, and that's the worst o' three"
"Well gin he be a single man, ye shall married be
But gin he be a married man, I'll hang him tae yon tree"

"I wisht I'd drunk the water the nicht I drank the wine
Tae think that a shepherd's daughter would hae been a love o'

Noo when it cam tae the weddin', they laughed tae see the fun
She's the laird o' Urie's daughter an' him but a blacksmith's son

@courtship @rape @marriage
Child #110
recorded by Norman Kennedy
see also SHEPDAU
filename[ SHEPDAU2
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