I'm wearin' awa, Jean,
Like snaw-wreaths in thaw, Jean
I'm wearin' awa' tae the Land o' the Leal
There's no sorrow there, Jean,
There's neither cauld nor care, Jean
The day is aye fair in the Land o' the Leal

Ye aye were leal and true, Jean
Your task is ended noo, Jean
And I'll welcome you tae the Land o' the Leal
Our bonnie bairn's there, Jean
She was baith guid and fair, Jean
And oh, we grudged her sair, tae the Land o' the Leal

So dry that tearful ee, Jean,
My soul langs tae be free, Jean
And angels wait on me tae the Land o' the Leal
So fare-thee-weel my ain Jean,
This world's care is vain, Jean
We'll meet and aye be fain, tae the Land o' the Leal

From singing of Silly Wizard
@Scottish @death
filename[ LANDLEAL
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