Come on, lads, and let's be jolly
Drive away all melancholy,
For, to grieve it would be folly,
While we are together.

cho:Let union be in all our hearts,
Let all our hearts be joined as one.
We'll end the day as we begun,
We'll end it all in pleasure.

Right-folla-rolla-rye, too-ra-lie-doe (3x)
While we are together.

Old King Solomon, in all his glory,
Told each wife a different story,
Of the things that we delight in,
While we are together.

Eating and drinking are quite charming,
(or: courting and drinking, if you prefer)
Smoking and piping there's no harm in.
(or: piping and dancing)
These are things we take delight in,
While we are together.

Grab the bottle as it passes,
Do not fail to fill your glasses.
(or: Come on, lads, and raise your glasses
Grab the bottle as it passes)
Water drinkers are dull asses,
While we are together.

Cease your quarreling and fighting,
Evil thinking and backbiting.
All these things take no delight in,
While we are together.

given by Maddy De Leon,
and Mark Gilston, who learned it from Jim Mageean.
It was originally a grange song and the original
chorus was:
Let union be in all our farms,
Let all our farms be joined as one.
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