I am a queen's daughter I come from Capakin
In search of Lord Gregory, Pray God I find him

The rain beats on my yellow head, the dew wets my skin
My wee babe's cold in my arms; Lord Gregory, Let me in

Lord Gregory, he is not here, I swear can't be seen
He's gone to bonny Scotland for to bring home a fair queen

So leave now these portals and likewise this hall
For it's deep in the sea you should find you downfall

Oh don't you remember, Love, that night in Capakin
When we exchanged rings, Love, and I against my will

Yours was pure silver and mine was but tin
Yours cost a guinea and mine but a pin

My curse on you, Mother, my curse being sore
I dreamed that my true love come a knocking at the door

Lie down now, my foolish son, lie down and sleep
Twas only a servant girl lies drowned in the deep

Go saddle my black horse, the brown or the bay
Go saddle the fastest horse in my stable this day

I'll ride over mountains and valleys so wide
I'll find the girl that I love and ride by her side

Child #76 From the singing of Joan Baez
recorded by Deller Consort and by Judy Collins
filename[ LORDGREG
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