(Matt McGinn)

CHO: Wi manyura manyah, wi manyura manyah!
Wi manyura, manyura, manyura manyah!

Noo I've heard men complain of the jobs they are dain,
When they're hawking the coal, or diggin the drain.
But whatever they are, there is none that compare
Wi manyura, manyura, manyura manyah!

The streets of the toon were all kivvered aroon
Wi' stuff that was colourful, gowden and broon,
It was put there, of course, by a big Clydesdale horse!
And they called it manyura, manyura manyah!

I followed its track wi a shovel and sack,
And as often as no wi a pain in me back.
It was all for the rent, and the beautiful scent
Of manyura, manyura, manyura manyah!

But I'm feelin fu sore for my job's taken o'er
And everything noo is mechanical power
And theres naething for me but the sweet memory
Of manyura, manyura, manyura manyah!

copyright 1964 Matt McGinn
filename[ MANURA
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