As I was a-walking down by the seashore
Where the wind and the waves and the waters do roar
There I heard a sad voice make a pitiful sound
Of the wind and the waves and the waters all 'round

cho: Crying: "Oh my love's gone, he's the youth I adore
He's gone and I never shall see him no more"

She'd a voice like a nightingale, her skin like a dove
And the song that she sang it was all about love
I asked her to marry me, marry me please
but the answer she gave:my love's drowned in the sea

I told her I'd gold and I'd silver besides
And a coach and six horses and with me she'd ride
No I never will marry, nor be any man's wife
I'll be true to my love as long as I've life

Then she stretched forth her arms and made a great leap
From the rocks that were high to the water so deep
Saying the shells of the oysters shall make me a bed
And the shrimps in the ocean wriggle over my head

Now every night at eight bells they appear
When the moon it is shining and the waters are clear
These two constant lovers with all their young charms
Rollin' over and over and locked in love's arms

Surely one of my favorites!! Heard back in '71 from Cyril Tawney at the
Bridge Inn in Newcastle. Probably from the Copper family originally,
but this is a slightly different version from the one in their recently
published family songbook RR

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