Come a landsman, a pinsman, a tinker or a tailor
A doctor, a lawyer, a soldier or a sailor
A rich man, a poor man, a fool, or a witty
Come any man at all who will take me out of pity

I had a sister Sally, who is younger than I am
She had so many suitors, she had to deny them
But as for my own self, you know I haven't any
And if you know my heart, I'd be thankful for any

I had a sister Sarah, she was ugly and misshapen
Before she was sixteen years old, she was taken
By the age of eighteen, a son and a daughter
And here am I at four and forty, never had an offer

I never would be scolding, I never would be jealous
My husband would have money to go to the alehouse
While he'd be there a spending, I'd be home a saving
Now I leave it up to you if I be not worth having
recorded by Martha Schlamme
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