To the Liverpool docks we'll bid adieu
To SAl and Kate an' Bessie, too
The anchor's aweigh an' our sails are unfurled
An' we're bound to plow the wat'ry world
Hurrah, we're outward bound (2x)

Oh ther wind blows from the east nor'east
The ship will sail ten knots at least
The purser will our wants supply,
And while we've grog we'll never say die

An' if we touch at Malabar
Or any other port as far
The purser then will tip the chink
An' just like fishes we will drink.

An' when our three years they are out
'Tis jolly near time we went about
An' when we are home and once more free
Oh, won't we have a jolly spree

An' when we gets to the Liverpool docks
The pretty girls come down in flocks
Onr to the other you can hear them say
Here comes Johnniw with his three years' pay.

And then we'll haul to the Bull an' the Bell
Where good liquor they do sell
In comes the landlord with a smile
Sayin' "drink up, lads, it's worth yer while."

But when the money's all spent and gone
None to be borrowed, none to be lent,
In comes the landlord with a frown
Sayin, "Get up Jack, let John sit down."

Then poor ol' Jack must understand,
There's ships in port all wanting hands,
He goes on board as he did before
An' he bids adieu to his native shore.

Ftom Songs of the Sea, Hugill
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