A shepherd of the downs, being weary of his port
Retired to the hills where he used to resort
In want of refreshment, he laid himself down
He wanted no riches nor wealth from the crown

He drank of the cold brook, he ate of the tree
Himself he did enjoy, of all sorrow he was free
He valued no girl, be she ever so fair
No pride or ambition, he valued no care

As he was a walking one evening so clear
A heavenly sweet voice sounded soft in his ear
He stood like a post, not one step could he move
He knew not what ailed him, but thought it was love

He beheld a young damsel, a fair modest maid
She had something amiss and disguised in her face
Disguised in her face, she unto him did say
"How now, Master Shepherd, how come you this way?"

The shepherd replied and modestly said
"I never was surprised before at a maid
When first you beheld me, from sorrow I was free
But now you have stolen my poor heart away"

He took her by the hand and this he did say
"We will get married, pretty Betsy, today"
So to the church they did go and were married, we hear
And now he'll enjoy pretty Betsy, his dear

@love @courtship
recorded by Bob and Ron Copper
filename[ SHEPDOWN
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