(Mrs. Norman MacLeod Sr. )

Last verse by W J Bethancourt III

Sound the pibroch loud and high
From John O'Groats to the Isle of Skye!
Let all the Clans their slogan cry
And rise tae follow Charlie!

(Chorus) Tha tighin fodham, fodham, fodham (3X)
To rise and follow Charlie!

And see a small devoted band
By dark Loch Shiel have taen their stand
And proudly vow wi' heart and hand
To fight for Royal Charlie!

Frae every hill and every glen
Are gatherin' fast the loyal men
They grasp their dirks and shout again
"Hurrah! for Royal Charlie!"

On dark Culloden's field of gore
Hark! They shout "Claymore! Claymore!"
They bravely fight what can they more?
They die for Royal Charlie!

No more we'll see such deeds again
Deserted is each Highland glen
And lonely cairns are o'er the men
Who fought and died for Charlie!

The White Rose blossoms forth again
Deep in sheltered Highland glens
And soon we'll hear the cry we ken
Tae rise! And fight for Charlie!

(note "tha tighin fodham" is pronounced HA CHEEN FOAM and means "it
comes upon me" or "I have the wish."
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